‘Witchcraft’ abuse cases on the rise

Witchcraft abuses cases on the rise,  Read the entire article by clicking on the link. Child abuse linked to exorcism and witchcraft accusations is on the rise, figures obtained by the BBC suggest. The Metropolitan Police said there had been… (Read more)


  What are feelings, really?  Feelings are a powerful emotion. Feelings are a complex part of all of us; they exist beyond anything we can see, touch or feel physically.  They go back to the beginning of everything and they… (Read more)

Free Way to Contact me for Your Readings!!!

I have created a Free way of contacting me for your phone readings you may now call me on my Google Talk Phone number at 561-336-5617. I will be available for readings next week Wednesday & Thursday 3-8pm and Friday,… (Read more)

Words of Wisdom

I enjoy many visions in my journeys but the ones that hold the greatest impact on me are those that reveal the truths from between the realms. We have to be willing to open up our hearts and minds to… (Read more)