Words of Wisdom

I enjoy many visions in my journeys but the ones that hold the greatest impact on me are those that reveal the truths from between the realms. We have to be willing to open up our hearts and minds to the Truths in which are given to us, be it by our Gods, our visions, or inner self or through the vehicle of another person who holds great meaning in our lives.

We are all solely responsible for ourselves, our actions, or reactions. We are not responsible for anyone else, do… we have the right to do what must be done by rising Moon and Setting Sun to bring Justice to those who have harmed the innocent, Yes, that is the way of the Old Religion to send those who commit such evil crimes to the Abyss and leave them there for all eternity to never allow their spirit to reincarnate to this earth. In Ancient Egypt upon the one’s physical passing they must pass through the 42 Halls of Maat and face Maat, Horus the Avenger, Anubis and that of the scarab is placed upon the Scales of Justice, if the scarab which is the representation of one’s True Heart outweighs the Feather of Maat they are devoured by Ammut and taken to the darkest of depths and not allowed to pass into the Afterlife.

On this Summer Solstice this is a time of truth of the light revealing all those things hidden and a time to find healing from those truths and to accept. We all are living in the Modern Dark Ages, the Invincible Sun of Sol Invictus the Bringer of Light/Lucifer who is the true healer of all things brings us all a great Awakening and understanding to find and understand such knowledge and to move forward in our lives to a better place to leave behind those things that are toxic to us.

I find great joy in my path as a Witch/Priestess and High Priestess as I do the work and serve the Mighty Ancient Ones as I find conjunction in growing as a person as well and that of my connection to my Higher Self to move beyond all things.

We must love and give love, we are the ones who guide the way for those who seek to come home and who are remembering who they are, we are the Mother’s of the Old Religion let us do what must be done and protect and defend all the innocent as we know it is to be.

Many Blessings, a lot of fantastic inspiration on this day.



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