What you get in Your Native Reading

What you get in Your Native Reading





Hour and Location:

Hour of the Day, Day of Birth and Hour of Planet:



By Ariana Darci Clausen – Vélez, – Rev, HPs and Traditional Astrologer

  • Introduction and Presentation
  • Angelic Guardian/s
  • Day of the Cairo Calendar you were born on and the Ruling Egyptian God & Festival
  • Image of Moon Mansion
  • Detailed descriptions of your Moon Mansion including the Arabic letter associated with the Moon Mansion.
  • Meaning of Moon Mansion in Native’s life
  • Image of Natal Wheel
  • Chart Reading According to Houses the influence of the Constellations, Fixed Star/s within the Native’s life
  • Effects of the Directions to the Planets and Stars


Within this reading I use Traditional Astrology as well as employing the constellations and fixed stars which influcence one throughout their planets and there locations.  I included all the twelve houses and in some places have used only the traditional planets and not the modern planets for a more ancient reading and connection the Ancient Gods.  I have thus also included the interpretations of the aspects and your current transits, within each house to the planets that are housed within each one, unless otherwise empty.  An empty house means nothing ill, due to the fact that you still have aspects within those houses to create who you are as an individual.

What exactly are Natal Readings? Natal Readings are that of your life’s path and in all things you shall experience not only as a child but as an adult and into the end of life, it is a path that is charted out according to the planets that were in alignment in the sky during the time of your birth.  The native chart or what is known today as the Natal Chart is a reading of one’s entire life from their birth, to one being of money or not, family, siblings, career, health, religion, love and relationships, and much more.  In traditional Astrology we only use the main seven planets when doing a reading along with fixed stars and planetary aspects to define ones’ destiny.

We begin with the Ascendant which brings to light the length of one’s life and if it will be long or short and then bringing into connection with the other houses the nature and pattern of one’s life.

Do understand that within ones’ Natal Chart it is an extension of one’s DNA and what we shall expect to experience in our current lifetime, with growth and development, so to the planets shift and experiences of our lessons learned we then progress and move forward to a higher enlightenment of self.  Also, within the readings I do, I work with the current transits as to where the planets are in location today and bring that together with the Natal, so you understand why things are happening in the time they do, as the planets transit they bring forth the current of flow of events that shall occur in your life.

In all things when we know, we then know how to change them in our lives or to avoid them all together.

It is my hope that you enjoy your reading and learn what changes may or may not be needed, or simply were you begin or to continue your journey to see what path it takes you upon.

Angelic Guardians 

Moon Mansion

Egyptian Calendar


Native Chart Reading with Fixed Stars and the Aspects


Judgements upon the Ascendant and the First House, which signifies wealth acquired by the Native’s proper industry.

Judgements upon the second house this is the house of wealth and substance in which are necessary to support and sustain the life of man and also household stuff, gain procured by the Native’s own labours.

Judgments upon the third house this is the house in which signifies brothers, sisters, kinsfolk, near neighbours, short journeys, hospitality, sudden news and novelties.

Judgements upon the forth house this is the house that signifies the Father of Lands, of patrimony, immovable goods, buildings, foundations, fields, pastures, villages, treasure obscured anywhere, all manner of mines, or profits out of the bowels of the Earth, husbandry.

Judgements upon the sixth house this is the house of anything that portend sorrows or cares, hurts of the body or its members, servants, small cattle, Uncles and Aunts on the Father’s side; sickness, medicine or Physic, bees, doves, geese, hens, swine.

Judgements upon the seventh house this is the house of marriage, women, partnerships (personal & business), lawsuits, foreign affairs, public enemies, thefts, rapines, all manner of wars, and seditions.

Judgement upon the fifth house this is the house of children, male and female, gifts, curious apparel, banquets, plays and all pleasant things.

Judgement upon the eighth house this is the house of death, dowry and jointure of the wife, estate of women, unexpected inheritances, poisons, deadly fears and legacies.

Judgment upon the ninth house this is the house of religion and godliness, sects of religions, dreams, long journeys or voyages, Churchmen, and things appertaining to the Church, Epistles, Wisdom, Science, Learning, Scholarship, embassies.

Judgement upon the tenth house this is the house of government, kingdoms and principality, office, power and command, honour, public magistrates, public administrations in the Commonwealth, trade, and several other kinds of Professions, it peculiarly denotes the Mother, the native’s proper vocation.

Judgement on the eleventh house this is the house of happy conclusion of any business, friendship, support of friends, profit arising by office or preferment (promotions and raises), hope, comfort, promotion by commendation of friends.

Judgment upon the twelfth house this is the house of malus daemon, has signification of sad events, it’s the house of sorrow, anguish of mind, affliction, labour, poverty, imprisonment (false or by one’s own crimes), private enemies (unknown), witchcraft, hexes and curses, impostors (con men, those of vulgar vocations), greater cattle who are fierce and hard to be ruled, harlots, horses, cows, oxen and bulls.

Effects of the Directions to the Planets and Stars



This completes your reading.

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