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Black Walnut Anthology Submission Guidelines

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An update.  We have hoped for those persons who confirmed they were sending in articles to have them in by the end of June, but to date we have only received one submission, as we are wanting this book too have many areas of articles for the greater Pagan community to enjoy.  We will be putting off publishing again until 2013 for Vol III.  This will give those contributors time to get their articles together and to confirm that we will offer a Vol III we will be looking at 2013 March for submissions in so we can publish in time for Beltaine the Great Rite.

Deadline: 2013 March 23

I am hoping this give artists and contributing authors time to put some amazing work together for the Annual Black Walnut.

Many Blessings Black Walnut anthology Team

The Black Walnut Anthology for the Temple of Diana is now accepting submissions for our Third Issue which we will publish in 2013.

*Anthology Submissions

Monthly Calendar of holidays at the start of each chapter

5 or 6 articles per chapter

Spread the word for submission requests

Deadline: 2013 March 23

Black Walnut Anthology

What we are looking for:

Articles on history, philosophy, theurgy, green magic, philosophers and how they contributed to the Western world creation, magic {divination, types of magic astrological, lunar, and more}, the dead and where they go and how they we honour them at festivals and feasts in which honour the Gods, cultures, specific tradition/s paths and more.

Art work to feature to be submitted by the original artist.

Articles are between 5-35+ pages in length.

Practical Essays to include but not limited to, astrology, magic, philosophy, theurgy, studies in the areas of cultures in which you are a practicing Crafter, prose and poetry, personal studies, and more.  All articles must include a bibliography unless otherwise noted as your own work, as well as recommendations for further studies if so inclined.

As we entrée the dark season or as some call it the Black Months we are focusing on those articles that teach us of the inner workings those things hidden, the dead and the festivals that surround honouring them, the deities in which are worked with more during this time and types of magic in which can be worked during this cycle.  The dark time of the cycles is a time in which can teach us about the deepest secrets ourselves and Knowing Thyself.

Ideally, should be between 5-35 + pages. Thus far, we have an overview of the year with its festivals and astrological correspondences, and what that means for practical magic.

Q and A, this is for anyone who would like to be interviewed and have it included with the Black Walnut Anthology, please either feel free to submit a recent interview or contact Darci “Ariana” Clausen – Vélez for a time to sit down and chat.  Concise answers to “What is Witchcraft?” “What is Magic” “Why is there a dagger on the altar?” and the like. Try to limit to one or two paragraphs.

Poetry (primarily devotional or magical in orientation) Length is variable, though shorter poems submitted in a group of 3-5.

All submissions font size 11, in Ariel, Century, New Times Roman, Georgia. Please include your biography for inclusion at the end of the book.

Editing to make sure spelling, grammar, uniform structure and readability.

Submissions may be made to me via email at . Please put “Black Walnut Anthology” Submission in the subject header.

Advertising your Services and Products section, if you would like to include any services in which you provide, or you have a Shoppe either online or in the physical and would like to include it within, there is a $15.00 fee for all adds, this is to include your photo or logo and a two paragraph description with your contact information and or directions.  Send payments to via, letting us know what the payment is for directly.  All money goes directly to the Fundraising for Temple of Diana, Inc.

  • Ads are listed in alphabetical order

We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be included in the anthology.

Important to Note:  Plagiarism and defamatory contributions will be most emphatically REJECTED.

Copyright is retained by the individual author, though (if incorporated into the work)  that you have given us permission to publish it.  While the content and “voice” is ever the authors, the Temple staff responsible for this project reserves the right to lightly edit for grammatical reasons ONLY.

At this time, we cannot pay those included in the anthology, though we hope a complimentary copy is adequate reimbursement.

The Anthology’s publication is annually.

Publications are published at; self publishing and sold in, allowing for both retail and wholesale purchasing.

Purchase your copies today;

The Temple of Diana is proud to introduce its inaugural issue of the Black Walnut. The Black Walnut is the annual anthology of the Temple, its affiliates, and its friends. We publish in the Spring of each year.   Purchase your copy today at or  I am excited to announce our newest forum for purchasing the Black Walnut Anthology Volumes, we are now available on Kindle, if you cannot afford the paperback version and would like to take your books anywhere you go and read them without everyone peaking over your shoulders now you can, buy your Kindle version and have it with you wherever you go today,, Vol I, purchase your Kindle version today.

Contents Vol I

  • 5 Heka: Ancient Egyptian Magic by Amarillys Gierbolini (Jera)
  • 16 Apotheosis: The Path of the Greek Magoi by Oracle
  • 19 Garuda, Zu, Pazuzu, and Melek Taus by Ariana Clausen-Velez
  • 40 The Domestic Cult by Jonathan Sousa
  • 47 For Hestia by Jonathan Sousa
  • 48 Aradia by Lori Bruno
  • 49 The Benandanti: An Exploration on their Development by Amunet Rabiah
  • 52 Popes of the Benandanti Inquisition by Ariana Clausen-Velez
  • 57 A Survey of the Different Types of Hauntings by Amunet Rabiah
  • 59 Three Invocations by Annemarie Setti
  • 60 From Witch to Devotee by Annemarie Setti
  • 64 Astrological Magic by Ariana Clausen-Velez
  • 83 Closing Thoughts from the Greenman by Gary “Greenman” Gregory
  • 85 Biographical Sketches of the Contributing Authors
  • 87 Recommended Goods & Services

The Black Walnut Anthology, Vol II is a book that many contributors works are featured in twice a year. The articles focuses are towards the Old Religion, Philosophy, Divination, the Soul of Magic and more. This volume focuses on the Darker Tidings of the Cycles as we entrée the seasons, of the Dark Michael Feasts, the time when we are seek within to find truth it is a powerful time we entrée.

Our contributors are mostly that of Traditional Craft and Astrology. Purchase your copy today at or  I am excited to announce our newest forum for purchasing the Black Walnut Anthology Volumes, we are now available on Kindle, if you cannot afford the paperback version and would like to take your books anywhere you go and read them without everyone peaking over your shoulders now you can, buy your Kindle version and have it with you wherever you go today,, Vol II, purchase your Kindle version today.

Contents, Vol II:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: Grandmama and the Gypsies, by Dr. Leo Louis Martello
  • Chapter II: Responsibility Equals Magic, by Rev. Lori Bruno, HPs & Elder
  • Chapter III: The Sun King meets the Moon Queen, By Ina Cüsters-van Bergen
  • Chapter IV: Harvest Poem, Charge of the Land, Come Mother Winter & The Blue Crone, by Anthony M. Bertolina
  • Chapter V: An Introduction to Egyptian Theology, For Aphordite, The Invitation of Persephone, and Witches: Our Mythic Orgins, by Jonathon Sousa i.e. known as Nemesis
  • Chapter VI: Faeries of the Black Months, The Dumb Supper: Feasting with the Dead & Black Moon, by Ariana Clausen – Vélez i.e. known as Thme
  • Chapter VII: Psychic Hauntings & The Creation of the Benandanti & Night Battles, by Wanda Pabon
  • Chapter VIII: Rite Timing, by Jonathon Flanery Chapter IX: Druids, by Deborah Reindebach
  • Chapter X: Wise Woman Ways to Prevent Depression, by Susun Weed – Submitted by Lyn Prowse – Bishop
  • Chapter XI: Musings on Religious Fanatism, by Nelson E. Maldonado Ramos
  • Chapter XII: In The Times of the Hanging Trees, by Roxy Riou
  • Closing Words, by Ariana Clausen – Vélez


BookCoverImageBlack Walnut Anthology Vol. III is an amazing collection of works ranging from Occult Practitioners from around the globe, occult authors and practitioners from Australia, Nederland, the Other Side, Puerto Rico, Spain the United States and other countries. We are featuring many authors who have written on their chosen paths, North American Voodoo, Theurgist, Gnostic Paganism and the secret teachings of Jesus and Mary, Sicilian Witchcraft, how to transform your-self to find inner and outer healing, medicinal healing-Green Witchcraft and much more.

As collaborated authors this is one of our best issues yet…






Contents Vol III

  • Abracadabra, by Clausen-Velez, Ariana – page 6
  • The Feast of Remembrance, by Cooking with Deity – page 8
  • The Spanish Witch, by Masmitjà, David Garrido – page 11
  • Signs, Coincidences and Manifestations, by Masmitjà, David Garrido – page 13
  • The Archetypical Magician, by Cüsters-van-Bergen, Ina –page 18
  • Primitive Consciousness and Modern Magical Training, by Cüsters-van-Bergen, Ina – page 23
  • Be your own Herbal Expert, pt 1, by Weed, Susun – page 32
  • Healing Wise: The Shamanic Herbalist: Power Plants, by Weed, Susun – page 37
  • Headaches/Migraines, by Weed, Susun – page 41
  • Gnostic Psycho-Synthesis, by Sigan, Tau – page 46
  • On the Nature of Gnostic Paganism, by Sigan, Tau – page 54
  • Walking with Odin: Death in a Shamanic Context, by Anderson, Katie – page 66
  • North American Voodoo and the Underground Railroad, by Witchdoctor Utu – page 70
  • Sicilian Witchcraft, by Martello, Dr. Leo L. – page 76
  • Transformation of Self is like that of forging a Sword, by Clausen-Vélez, Ariana – page 99
  • The Battle for Separation of Religion and State, by Ramos, Nelson E. Maldonado – page 107

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  1. afsanaydely

    We have confirmed six writers for the Samhain Issue

    Lori Bruno
    Sorita de Esté
    Ariana Clausen – Vélez
    Wanda Pabon
    Jon Flanery
    Susun Weed

    We hope that more writers confirm to be apart of this project for Samhain, we are wanting to at least double it in size from the Inaugural Issue.

    Many Blessings

  2. afsanaydely

    Vol III is up in the air until further notice, we have had few submissions for this issue and depending on the deadline cutoff date will determine if we publish at the end of this year.

  3. Ariana

    Hello All,
    We have new venues for purchasing the Black Walnut Anthology volumes, today I went to see how sales have been going and found that we had available to us, where we now are set up to Sell our Volumes, via Great Britain, Europe and now available on Kindle in both English and Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and in India are now are selling areas.

    It will take up to 48 hours for the other languages to be available but English should be available via Kindle within the next 12 hours.

    This is exciting news for us as it makes our work available to many more around the globe.

    Thank you all for your support.

    We are still needing contributors for the Vol III, please see for more information.

  4. Ariana

    I have just checked on our KPD (Kindle Direct Publishing) and we are now via Kindle available in eight countries outside of the United States. Volume’s I & II are available via paperback and Kindle currently and Vol III will be shortly.

  5. Ariana

    Pagan, Wiccan or Book Shoppe Owners contact me directly if you would like to purchase 6 or more copies a special discount code has been created for bulk orders only.

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