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Darcie is a Traditional Astrologer.  She focuses on the nature of the planets in their raw force and energy as well as a reader of the Tarot.  Do you need questions answered, is something going on in your life you need to find clarity on, contact me today for your Consultation.  Darcie works one-on-one with all of her clients to guide them to find those answers they seek and find a method of healing and understanding to overcome challenges and find success in their lives.  Darcie also will prescribe a magical remedy to bring healing, success, a new outlook, guide you to find your own inner Personal Power and to get back on track in your life.

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Professional Services 

Tarot Consultations

The Tarot is one of the second oldest forms of divination and in the Renaissance Era were also used as playing cards, the commoners would carry the minor arcana and the Psychics, Witches, Healers carried the Major Arcana, when someone wanted a consultation they would take their part of the deck to the psychic and receive their reading.  When a reading ended the commoner would then take their part of the deck back.  This ensured that the Witch would not be found out as she would only carry one half of the deck.  The decks back then were up to 150+ in cards as to, today where they are 78, however, there are some decks like the Sforza deck that have up to 98 cards in a deck. If you would like to receive a consultation, please email me or call me for an appointment.

Contact me today at 978-210-2423 for an appointment

Payments:   Please send them  to via, or Square once a payment’s confirmed I will contact you for more information and to verify you requested the reading.  Again, please be sure to include your phone number.

Traditional Astrology – Native Reading, Annual or Combination Reading and Tarot Consultations

What is going on today, so many are asking themselves?  We live in a world where we are seeking to understand something Greater than ourselves, something that is of our Higher Self our Divine Being.  When we are born we are all born with a unique pattern not only in our DNA but also as the planets are aligned on that specific day, at that specific hour and minute we are born and depending where you Sun, Venus , Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter,  Mars our Rising and Mid-heaven.  Also when you are born determines where in the houses your planets will impact your life the most and how the certain fixed stars are with planets at the specific hour.  Is your life focused more above the horizon in the mental realms or that in the West, East or below the horizon in the terrestrial plain?  All of this matters, it will show how in your life you will survive, if you will be a traveler, a lover of language, study, of a good mind, good wife or husband, children, have a strong business partner or partner in love, where your career may lead you, those types of friends and persons who you will have solid relationships with and so much more.

Today many are asking so many questions in these unsure times, many of those questions you ask I can help you to answer and with guidance I can help you to find a greater understanding of why and what is going on in your life.  Providing talisman prescriptions or magical workings, angelic forces you may invoke to guide you.  In life nothing is certain, you make your way in this world by how to view it in your mind and allow it to manifest into your material and physical life on this terrestrial plane.

I am her to guide you and to help you gain an understanding to look beyond what is in front of you to see what only when your heart and mind are open to see beyond that of matter.  The spirits, colours and Angels are here to guide you they have been guiding you since the day you were born, I can help you find your Angel according to your day, month and degree of birth.

Please contact me today for an appointment at and I will get back with you within 24 hours.

Additional Individual Services Include:

Psychic Tarot Readings

Traditional Astrology Readings

Group Parties – minimum of 6 persons – Price includes time, travel, gas and by person.

House Cleansings

Psychic Self Defence Training

Spiritual Counseling


Baby Blessings

Funeral Rituals

and more…..

I look forward to guiding you in your journey to your Higher Self.

Many Blessings in Light

Darcie Vélez

Traditional Astrology Readings

Native/Natal Reading $130.00 USD

Annual/Solar Reading $130.00 USD

Combination Reading $240.00 USD

Providing Traditional Astrology Readings, both Native and Annual, bringing to light what to expect in the year ahead, job promotions, new business, love, children, health and much more in the Annual Readings. You can find out your life’s path, from birth to death in your Native Reading, what type of job or industry you will be in, are you marry young or early, travels, fortune and much more. In mapping out your life, I include within each reading the following;  One’s life’s direction and path determined the planets that rule them, and  there placements the Sun’s position upon your birth, the Moon, your Ascendant and all seven planets.

When seeking to find your life’s path and journey you must accept that both exist to have balance, without that balance you will always fear, fear is within the dark and to face the dark you destroy all your fears.  I offer a direction in which you may build upon.

• Introduction and Presentation

• Image of your Arabic Lunar Mansion

• Detailed descriptions of your Lunar Mansion, Angelic Guardian/s;  each decan face of the sits in a specific degree/decan face this determining if you are born in the beginning, middle or end of the sign and with this is tells you who your ruling Angelic being is in your life.  The angelic beings can teach you many things in your life’s journey, yet few even know they have someone always guiding them.  I include this information in your reading.  This allows you to learn more about yourself and grow to your higher self-awareness.

• Day of the Cairo Calendar you were born on and the Ruling Egyptian God & Festival or day association.

• Image of Native/Natal Wheel

• Chart Reading According to Houses & Fixed Stars w/certain planets in your chart & the Ascendant Face/Decan description

• Effects of the Directions to the Planets and Stars and depending on the reading a breakdown of your Gematria/Hebrew Numerology natures and energies.

I read Traditional Astrology in where the planets and their placements denote, portend and define ones’ life, their essence, and more.  Following the astrologers of the 17th Century and before the readings are precise and will guide you to know whether you will get a raise, promotion, children and more. Included in your reading, I offer you’re Arabic Moon Mansion, Egyptian Ruling God or Goddess, Arch Angel and Guardian Angel, and an in-depth reading into your planets and houses.

If you would like an Astrology Reading you may contact me directly for my rates and more information, or contact me directly at 978-210-2423 or email me at put in the Subject Header Traditional Astrology Reading.  I do need a valid phone number to keep in touch with updates and or questions that may arise.  This is to also verify an order.

In order to do a reading you need to include the following information:


*Date of Birth

*Time of Birth

*Location [city and state] very important, for an Annual Reading you need to include the city and state you now live in with the same information as above.

Payments:   Please send them  to via, once a payment’s confirmed I will contact you for more information and to verify you requested the reading.  Again, please be sure to include your phone number.

I prepare all readings in Word and once completed saved in PDF format, if requested and emailed.

Darcie does both Traditional Astrology as well as Tarot Consultations; Interested in knowing if you are going to fall in love, have children, get a job, and gain in finances and more.  I work with the Thoth Tarot; however, if you want a reading from another deck let me know, I work with two other decks.   I can help you to find what answers you may need.

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