Clergy Professional Services

Crafter & Follower of the Old Religion as brought down to the Earth from the Queen of Heaven Diana herself.  Honouring, Venerating & Serving Diana and Apollo as their Priestess

Professional and Cleric Services we Offer

Rev. HPs Darcie Clausen Velez is the founder High Priestess and Reverend of Temple of Diana, Inc.  Darcie provides many services for her clients, below are just a few of the services she provides.

  • Marriages & Handfasting (according to you resident state and their laws, some states do not recognize a Hand-fasting as legal),
  • Legal Same Sex Marriage (according to your state-laws) ,
  • House blessings
  • Wiccaning
  • Death  Rituals and more

***Fees apply

There are those who also seek out healing and prayer workings.  If you are in need of healing and prayer workings with ritual workings just contact us directly at, for assistance, you may also contact me directly through Skype at Darcie Vélez to speak with me directly.

I always schedule an in person Interview with the couple prior to accepting to perform their Marriage or Hand-fasting.

Contact me directly at 978-210-2423 or for more information of Wedding and Legal Handfastings and more.

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