In Memory of the Knights Templers

In Memory of the Knights Templers
13 Friday October 1307

A Poem-The Knights Templar

When Knights in shining armour
were callous
And bold

Many wild tales
were told of
The Knights templar

Secret ceremonies held
Secret oaths taken

A pledge to serve God
Never to be forsaken

Money lenders
Money keepers
Keeping Secret
Their Secret ways

Taking their loyalty to
the grave

They fought like lions
fought bravely
As no other Has

Face to face combat
On open fields
Many lives taken
Many were killed

Man against man
A clash of steel
Sword in hand

Broken souls
Battered bodies
wounds that never heal

Centuries have passed
Since the Templers
were disbanded

Brought down hard
not by sword
not by chance

Brought down hard
By a Pope
And the King of France

poem by T.J.

In the year 1307,October 13th,a Friday, the Pope and King Phillip IV, had the Knights Templar captured, tortured, and killed ,for heresay, against their declaration of innocence, all for greed and power.

The Pope dissolved the order in 1312.
The Last Grand Master at the time was Jacques de Molay. After many years in prison being tortured, they executed him and his successor, by burning at the stake, on March 13th, a Friday 1314.

It is said that from the stake he proclaimed for all to hear,

“Here you see innocent people die!” Then facing his executioners he shouted “I am calling you King Phillip IV of France”
“I am calling you Pope Clemence V”
“I am calling you Prime Minister Guillaume de Nogaret, to appear within one year from today at the court of God, in order to receive your legitimated penalty!
Curse, Curse! Are all of you cursed until your 13th generation!
It has been said that within the following year all three of these men did succumb, all by different means.

All those initiated know that The Templar’s were much more than stated in the history books, went much further back in time before they became known as the Templers, and the sacred duty they carried out.

And so on this day we honour the Knights Templar and remember the Keepers Of The Faith!