Darci Vélez is a Priestess of the Old Religione and practitioner of the ancient arts of Witchcraft, practicing for over 25 years. Darci came into her gifts at a young age, but only began to understand her gifts and not fear them when she was in her early 30’s. After moving to and living in Puerto Rico her memories started to come back as to who she was, then through guidance and teaching was able to develop her abilities, gifts truly understand her powers and after years of study, she then began teaching, reading tarot and traditional astrology professionally.

Darci is a natural psychic, clairaudience, clairvoyant and empath, and a medium. Darci since early childhood has always had a powerful connection to the stars, she receives many messages in her dreams and in trance work, Darci has been reading Tarot and Traditional Astrology professionally since 1998. In 2022 Darcie with a business partner opened Black Agate a Witches Place online bringing her magic through her crafting of occult tools to the public. Darci is also, the founder of Temple of Diana, Inc., which was incorporated in 2003 as Temple of Rhiannon and in 2005 was renamed to the Temple of Diana, out of her dedication and service to the Gods and humanity and in 2006 became as 501 c 3, Religious Organisation and public charity.

She has been a featured presenter at HexFest, WitchCon, Susun Weed Podcast, Witchfest, Festival of Witches and Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie & Marketplace, as well as having worked Festival of the Dead and presenting on her own various workshops and providing services to clients across the globe.

Darci has had extensive travels throughout the Continental United States and the Central and Eastern parts of Canada and then returned to her home in the Northwestern part of the United States, later resided in Puerto Rico for 16 years. She now lives in the Northwestern part of the United States.