Quakoralina, the Star Goddess

A lovely Black woman is waiting, waiting In the boundless night.

A river of blackbirds are mating, mating,

In the dim starlight.

Down out of the sky they come winging, winging, Drawn to Her black flame,

And the melody they are singing, singing, Is Her holy name.

In the dust of Her feet are the hosts of heaven,

And Her star-sequined hair Is crowned with a coven of six and seven

Blue suns burning there. 

She has shown me the dreadful place of hiding

Where the Dove’s egg lay,

The wonder and joy of the first dividing

Into the night and day

In love beyond love She is calling, calling

Till the sea gives birth,

And the life-giving rain comes falling, falling,

On the fruitful earth.

Where under green willows a stream is flowering

There the tall dark pine

At his resinous heart is growing, growing.

With an urge divine.

Though fettered by chains in a world of sorrow

And the reck of men,

Her kiss has made me remember tomorrow

Where my soul has been.

The night will soon come when my spirit, flying

To freedom and rest.

Shall fall like a drone bee dying, dying,

Of love to Her breast

Victor A. Anderson aka Nemeton