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 “Giordano” Bruno

1548-1600 17 February

Feast Day ~ 17 February

Justice Magic

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As told by his living ancestor, Rev. Lori Bruno who is an Elder of the Old Religion of the Hereditary line of Sicilian Strega as passed down to her from her family.

Giordano Bruno was born 1548 in Nola, Italy, at the age of fifteen he entered into the Dominican Order, but left in his twenties due to conflicts arising against him from the Order for his beliefs and practices and Giordano being a person of free will and spirit refused to hide under the coat tails of the Roman Catholic Church, so he with the assistance of a fellow Monk left the Order and went cross-country to share his beliefs with those of a more open mind.

  • An interesting event that happened in my life;  back in 2010 March my husband and I were taking care of his Aunt she was ill and close to death, being that she was a devout Catholic I made sure to find a Padre to perform her last rights, to no end was I able to find anyone to come and visit here.  There is this local Catholic Church near our former home and on the last evening of her life I told my husband to go back over to that Church and ask the Padre to come and perform her last rights.  He went over and the new Padre of that parish had only arrived that afternoon and he came by at 7 pm that night.  Following the rite we spoke at length outside of the home and he told me he studied in the Dominican Order.  I asked him if he happened to know who Giordano Bruno was and he stepped back as if to dismay that I knew of this person, he said, yes, he had that when he was studying in the Order he had Giordano Bruno’s original room where he slept and there was a plaque in that room with his name on the wall of the room.  We had a very indepth conversation prior to his returning to his home.   I knew then the right Padre had come and by midnight that night she had returned home this was the 26th day of March 2010 she was pronounced at 03:00.   Ariana Clausen – Vélez

Within the culture of Italy it was a common practice to send sons and daughters into the Priesthood and Convents to hide them in plain sight in order to protect them from the flames of the Inquisition and to allow for learning of the secrets within the Vatican and it’ Churches to later utilize when needing to provide warnings for the families when danger was arise.

Giordano had many beliefs all which stemmed within the Occult Sciences; however, he said this about the Egyptian Magic System that is was the only “True Religion”, as it utilized the system of magic in which was based from Copernicus’s theories that the Earth revolved around the Sun.  The Sun is and was very important to the Egyptians and the path of the Cosmos that were travelled daily; it was the sign of rebirth from the rising in the East each morning.

During his travels he went to France, Germany (this is where he was liked the most for his teachings), and later he returned home to only find out he was tricked and later turned into the Venetian Inquisition by one Giovanni Zuan Mocenigo, because Bruno refused to teach him magic.  Originally Giovanni hired Bruno to teach him the method of improving one’s memory by teaching him his Art of Memory.  Angered at Bruno for his refusal he turned him in, later as found guilty of heresy by the Venetian Inquisition he was turned over to the Roman Catholics for their Inquisition and from here his life in prison for eight years began, this prior to his Murder by the Roman Catholics and the Vatican.

When in Rome, Giordano was then put into the dungeons of Castel Sant. Angelo in which Michael the Arch Angel stands atop the tower and later in 1877 a book was written about Castle St. Angelo and the Evil Eye.  Bruno was imprisoned there were from the years of 1592-1600, eight years, eight being the number sacred to Hecate/Hekate and Justice.

Brought before the Roman Inquisition Court, Pope Clemet VII condemned Giordano Bruno to be burned alive on the site of Campo di Fiore [the place of flowers], many witnessed his death on the morning of 17 February, 1600.  Giordano was stripped naked, with his tongue nailed to the post, so he could not speak out during his vicious murder.   When sentenced Bruno spoke these words to the Pope, “You fear handing this sentence down to me, far more than I fear accepting it”, and then to the following he stated the following Magic of Ancient Egypt was not only the oldest but the Only True Religion of Mankind” and another quote he states “To Know How to Die in One Century is to Live for All Centuries to Come”.


On the 9th of June, 1899 a statue of Giordano Bruno was erected on the spot in which he was murdered at Campo di Fiore and to this day thousands visit him and place flowers in honour and veneration to him and who he was a person, human and man.  They seek help from him from the other side in healing, protection, prosperity, fertility and much more and he helps them all.  Giordano Bruno was a man who did NOT believe in forcing anyone’s free will, but instead he taught people to stand up for what you believe in and to never allow another person, religion, cult or society to take away another’s Free Will.  We are individuals and we all have our own minds, and voices and inasmuch, we should recognize this within ourselves and practice this in our lives.

To read more on his trial you can purchase “The Secret Archives of the Vatican”, the transcript of Fillipo “Giordano” Bruno can be found on pages 193-199.

The records of Giordano Bruno’s trial and execution were hidden during the time of Poop Leo XIII, when an assistant custodian of the secret archives of the Vatican found them and brought them to the attention of the Poop at that time, this is not something they ever wanted found and brought into the light.  When the records re-appeared the Poop ordered the trial records never be shown to anyone, these papers were then once again lost among the personal papers of Poop Pius IX, the predecessor of Poop Leo XIII.  In the year 1940 Angelo Mercati found the trial papers in which he had been searching for fifteen years and revealed what had occurred during Bruno’s trial.

Lori Bruno and her family these memories of terror and murder are never forgotten, nor forgiven for the “Unholy Inquisition.”  All of the stories were told to the new generation, so insofar, it would never be forgotten and from this a strong lesson of to survive one must blend in, hide in plain sight.

 “Ave Maria, Ave Diana, Madre di Tutto Universo, Regina di Stella, Sempre, Magna Mater! (Hail Mary, Hail Diana, Mother of the Vast Universe, Queen of the Stars Forever, Great Mother).”

In her early twenties, Lori went to work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  She saw humankind reach for the infinite universes her ancestor Giordano Bruno spoke about in that bygone age and paid for with his blood.  She saw the Russians name the crater on the far side of the Moon for him, a crater on the dark side of the Moon.  18 June, 1178, five Canterbury monks reported an explosion on moon (only known observation).  This is the proposed time of origin of lunar crater Giordano Bruno. (MC, 6/18/02)

In this generation the SETI League established the Giordano Bruno Memorial Award in his honour, which is presented to scientists who advance the study of intelligent life in outer space.  Giordano believed that we were only one small piece in a Universe that inhabited a vast amount of different dimensions, and beings that lived on planets outside of our own view.  This was the biggest reason they went after him and murdered him.  However, now today the Vatican has vindicated Bruno as they too now look beyond into the Universe and admit that alien life exists.

When we look at the planets at the time of his murder we see some very heavy and ill placements, we see that the Sun, Moon and Mars were all Peregrine, the Moon is in Face in Aries, the Sun in Detriment in Aquarius and making it even worse it is in the 12th house, in this case the house of our enemies and prison.  Then we have Mars, Jupiter both in Leo and Saturn (superior planets) all in Retrograde from the 5th, 6th and 7th house, however Saturn is in exhalation in Libra.  In the eleventh house we have Mercury in Aquarius in term and in his own element of the air a sign of triplicity by night, and lastly we have Venus in Face, in her earthly triplicity by day in Capricorn.  This occurred on the day of Jupiter in the hour of Mars being the 2nd hour of the day.

We take special focus on the placement of the Sun as it sits in the house of death and when we look at the Ancient placement of the signs from the times of the Babylonians the 12th house was associated to death and the sign of Virgo (colour black), so this would put the Sun and the sign both out of sect with no help here.  Even though Saturn is in exhalation he is Retrograded and in the 7th house this representing loss and death as well in the times of the Babylonians this house was associated to Aries (red) giving nothing good to Saturn being in this house as the true nature of Aries which is the Ancient ruler of this house shows of quarrels, loss of life through fire and Saturn representing death and then we look at the Moon, in Face in Aries in the 1st house which in Ancient Astrology was the house of Libra  (night face of Venus) again out of sect and with no assistance and the Moon is in the last face death by fire.


Today many of Giordano’s works are still only available in Latin on the Twilit Grotto  however, William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press has translated Cantus Circaeus by Giordano Bruno, Cantus Circaeus: The Incantations of Circe. First English Translation.

There can be no doubt as to the importance Giordano Bruno’s life and writings had on the western esoteric tradition and the history of scientific thought. With this in mind, Ouroboros Press is pleased to be issuing the first English translation of Giordano Bruno’s Cantus Circaeus, rendered from the original Latin by Darius Klein. Originally printed in Paris in 1582, the eloquence of Klein’s English translation is fitting for the words of the Nolan.  Read More…


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