Planets of Traditonal Astrology

Planets of Traditional Astrology

Within Traditional Astrology the planets in which are those of the time of the Babylonian’s and those planets they saw in the sky.  While yes, there are the fixed stars these are very much a part of those readings of Traditional, Medieval, and Ancient Astrologers they were not part of the planets or the ancient signs or how the houses set up.  The fixed stars are that, fixed and when the planets move along in their precession they at some point are conjunct with various fixed stars in the heavens and in that of the native during the time of the birth and are significant in their nature and those characteristics and nature of the native, their likes, dislikes, good and ill events that occur in their life time.  Renaissance Astrologers would also use this system to diagnose diseases in what we call today as Medical Astrology by looking at the Moon’s luminary at the time of the contracting of the disease to decide how to cure it, if it could be cured and how long one would be with this illness.

**Ariana looks at all of this and when mentoring you through your reading will help you to better understand how your planets affect you and how you can use your planets placements, magical number, colour energy of day or night and the metals associated to you in your native and annual chart to guide you through transformation as well as how to apply their nature in your daily life.  Ariana will also mentor you in finding solutions to finding where your planets are of greater benefit and focusing on their energies to aid you with the use talismans created specific to your needs to manifest your will and the law of attraction into your life.**

Babylonian Times

Nebo                           (8) Mercury          Gemini/Virgo              Gemini Day – Virgo Night

Ishtar                          (7) Venus              Taurus/Libra               Taurus Day – Libra Night

Nergal                         (5) Mars               Aries/Scorpio               Aries Day – Scorpio Night

Marduk                       (4) Jupiter          Sagittarius/Pisces        Sagittarius Day –Pisces Night

Ninib                           (3) Saturn           Capricorn/Aquarius    Capricorn Day – Aquarius Night

Luna                           (9) Sin                  Cancer                            Night time

Sol                               (6) Anu/An         Leo                                  Day time

The colours attributed to the signs and planets are; Saturn is of the colour black, Jupiter is to the colour blue, Mars is to the colour red, Sun is to the colour yellow, Venus is to the colour green, Mercury is to the colour orange, and the Moon is to the colour purple for the use of talismans.  The numbers next to the planets are the number the planet is associated too and when doing talisman work it used to create what is called the magic square of the planet or the kamea of the planet to aid in doing specific workings with the individual planets to aid in petitions and prayers to manifest the law of attraction, your will into your life.

Also looking at what the Babylonian’s performed in their astronomy and astrologer they had specific prayers and invocations to the gods and goddess to invoke the energy of the planets they ruled and their luminaries to send petitions to the gods to aid them in magical workings or to bring good fortune during times of eclipses to remove all forms of sickness, depression and to bring healing, enlightenment and more.

17th Century Chart


The signs have progressed over since the beginning of time, the Ancient Astronomy chart the signs in the following order, the chart above is a chart from the 17th Century and the signs are in the following order.  Aries in the 9th house, Taurus in the 8th house, Gemini in the 7th house, Cancer in the 6th house, Leo in the 5th house, Virgo in the 4th house, Scorpio in the 3rd house, Sagittarius in the 2nd house, Capricorn in the 1st house, Aquarius in the 12th house and Pisces in the 11th house.

The only reason I can see is that below the heavens is focused on the material plane that of material possession and those things one obtains in estate, fortune, all things of base nature, and those other signs are above the heavens because they are more alike that of the Mental Plane and those things one gains when seeking for enlightenment.  Yet when looking at the houses and the signs associated to them it makes perfect sense.  When in one’s native chart they have Saturn in the 1st house this is the house of one’s survival and how they will live throughout their life time.  When Capricorn is here and that of Saturn is inclines one to be fortune in money and to always be of great wealth, the same with Jupiter who rules Sagittarius the house in this case of the estate.  So when you have Capricorn here and Saturn with him you have him in his house so it brings all things of earthly fortunes.

In Ancient Astronomy the houses were again placed as they were in the times of the first astronomers and astrologers the Babylonians, so the placement again is different.  As looking at the date of when astronomy is dated back to from its inception we can find records from the Babylonian cuneiform from the date of the “Old Babylonian Period”, 1700 B.C thru 1600 B.C., this was the time in which Venus was observed.  However, I am not going to cover all of this, for as it is the oldest form of divination it is also one of the hardest to follow and understand.

So how the Babylonian names were again placed are different from that of the time of the 17th century astrologers and astronomers.  When we look at the Ancient Planetary theory we find the houses were set up in the original form as was seen in the heavens during the time of the Old Babylonian Period and this is how the signs were originally placed.  As back then the houses were not associated by numbers only be above and below the horizon or to the east or west in horizon I will include so you the reader may better understand how the house and planets within them would have appeared.   The chart appears today according to this 1st house Aries, 2nd house Taurus, 3rd house Gemini, 4th house Cancer, 5th house Leo, 6th house Virgo, 7th house Libra, 8th house Scorpio, 9th house Sagittarius, 10th house Capricorn, 11th house Aquarius and 12th house Pisces.  Now, in Ancient times it was as follows:  Libra 1st house, Scorpio 2nd house, Sagittarius 3rd house, Capricorn 4th house, 5th house Aquarius, 6th house Pisces, 7th house Aries, 8th house Taurus, 9th house Gemini, 10th house Cancer, 11th house Leo and 12th house Virgo, remembering the Babylonian did not number the house placements for the signs they used the decan system in which each sign has three faces and this depending upon the date in which you were born.  An example being today being the 15th of July this puts Sun in Cancer in his third face the nature of the luminary the Moon, at the beginning of the sign we have for the sign of Cancer 21 June – 1 July this is of the planet nature of Venus the first face/decan of the sign and then from the 2 July – 11 July that of the planet nature of Mercury in the second face.  This is how the ancients read a person’s destiny and this is how that Traditional, Renaissance, Medieval astrologers today also read the charts.

Note:  The outer planets, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are not used in Traditional astrology as they carry the same characteristics of their traditional planets, Mars in the Night, Saturn in the Night and Jupiter in the Night. 


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