Clergy Credential Guidelines & Requirements for Ordination per State

Clergy Credential Guidelines
Requirements for Ordination per State

The Temple of Diana, is under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a Chapter 180 Religious Organisation. We are also located in Ohio State with our Chapter lead by persons who reside in state.

When seeking to become an Ordained Reverend under the Temple of Diana we have a criteria in which we prsent documentation for those Members who are approved for Ordination, please email us at for more information.

If you are a member of a Grove, Coven or Church you must contact your HPs and HP under your organisation, we do not give Ordination Papers to persons who are under another organisation or HPs. If your organisation does not provide Ordination then you will need to provide us with a letter of intent and permission from your Head HPs and HP in order to be considered.

As the Temple of Diana requires any person/s Ordained under her to be active members you would be required to join our membership and obtain an active presence within. As when one is Ordained under an organisation it is the responsibility of the HPs of said organisation to be responsible for anyone under that organisation/s and their actions within the community.

I have found in this process of Ordaining Ministers it is much simplier that lead to believe. It is simply a matter of taking some time, picking up the phone and asking the right questions and now Temple of Diana, Inc., is able to Ordain Ministers and Members to their Resident State.

Requirements for Ordination according to the 50 States, read more…

Regarding Ohio State one must go to and print and fill out, this is mailed in with a copy of a Letter from the Organisation in which the person/s are being ordained under stating that one is Legal to perform Marriages. The fee for Ohio is $10.00 per person and once approved Ohio mails out a copy of a State Certificate to the Ordained Reverend with the State Seal.

Regarding Massachusetts State one must send in a Letter stating that one is Legal to perform Marriages and a copy of the Certificate to Secretary of the Commonwealth-Commissions Section-One Ashburton Place, Room 1719-Boston, MA 02108. The phone is 617-727-2836 and the web site is No letters are mailed out to confirm ordination, one must call in to verify that said documents have been received. The fee is free.

Regarding New Jersey State one must mail a Letter stating one is Legal to perform Marriages, along with a Certificate and a copy of the Articles of Incorporation to prove the organisation is a legal standing. Once said person receives their documents they are to register with the Town Clerk in their resident county.

In New Jersey one is only legal to perform weddings from said ordination. In order to perform any other services, such as spiritual counseling, birth rites and more the organisation must be registered within the state as a Foreign Entity (allowing doing business in New Jersey State). To obtain that it requires a fee of $75.00, a letter of good standing from the home incorporation State. If this is done than the ordained Reverend will be able to perform all other Rituals, and Counselling.
Regarding NYC it is only required that a Certificate is mailed and letter to the individual and they are to file it with the correct office in their county.

Regarding Oregon, this is the simplest, all one has to do is upon the marrying of a couple on the Marriage License Ceremony section is fill out the Organisation full name and physical address and file the Marriage License with the State of Oregon. There is no requirement of registering ordination papers with the State any longer. They stopped requiring registering ten years ago.

Regarding Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island requirements and or necessary documents we are still looking into those requirements.

****Members living in these states are to find out the information and send it to me to add to this information listing as well as provide you with the proper documents for Ordination to your State of residence.

Important to Note: Not all person/s or members are eligible for Ordination, this is only for those persons who have completed studies and training and have proven they are able to practice what they have learned, give back to others without expecting anything in return, be there for the community and to aid those who are in a greater need than oneself. To become an Ordained Reverend, HPs, HP, or be a Priestess of the Gods is not a simply path nor journey and one must be ready for anything to come there way. We are the Priestess/Priest’s of the Gods on this human earth and our jobs are to not only work with the Gods but to Serve them as well, through out works and deeds.