The Philosopher’s Stone Base Metal & Man’s Falsities

On the issue of relationships, woman/woman, man/man, men and women as well as friendships they are based on truth and trust should last for many years if not a lifetime and then because of using base nature friendships and relationships have gone.
The Philosopher’s Stone says that you can make gold out of a base metal, however, the base metal is not just the mundane, it is of the Spiritual Level too. The Spiritual level is the level of the conscious that one must NEVER hurt another, as it is the lowest form of disrespect in my opinion that one can ever do, to hurt a friend whether it is to take a lover from them, their good name or to gossip of things in which are confided in confidence. Inasmuch, it is of the lowest form to speak falsely as well.
It has been as of late I have seen too many people use this base nature, yet all the while calling themselves members of the Craft of the Wise, they are NOT Craft of the Wise, they are maligning parasites. Truly it astounds me that the words Perfect Love, Perfect Trust are thrown to the wind, my question is where are we going with this?, did it make you feel good?, did it make you happy?, that you hurt someone that trusted you implicitly. Moreover, that you so rudely transgressed the basic knowledge of Your Craft.
I make no name here, but if you are reading this and the shoe fits, please correct your transgressions and Conduct. Yes, the Rule of Three Comes Back to Thee!!!
Rev. Lori Bruno


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