Strength & Lust in the Thoth Tarot and the SuperMoon in Sagittarius

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful weekend and a Blessed Summer Solstice and that all find healing and balance as we begin the journey of the cycle to the Autumn/Fall Equinox where we find ourselves coming to a balance between the pillars where we begin to focus on the inner workings and dig deep to begin to remove those things in which need harvested from our lives, as Diana desired to see beyond her own darkness she looked deep within to find her inner light and from that was born a most glorious light and Apollo the Sun this is what we all need to achieve for this is the most powerful of energies and truest of all magic.

Yes, we are still in the cycle of the Summer Solstice when the Sun is at his highest and brightest point in the heavens where his rays shine on all where he is longest in his light, and Tonight the Full Moon the second of the three SuperMoons this year we do the work for the Goddess as we do the work for the God the Divine the One in which we find our balance for the All the One is androgynous in nature not one or the other.

thoth11  Tonight the Moon is in Sagittarius the weakest of the Moons, he is fast in his movement and in this he is compared to the 9 of Wands the card of Defence and Strength. It is the Moon of change to bring about stability in life, for without change there is not stability in your life. As Strength is associated to the XI in Tarot it is also the card in the Thoth Tarot of Lust of full balance in magic and alchemy it is the card that is all balance, it is the knowledge one has gained from the spirits and creatures, it is of the Lion a fierce and primal force it is of the Snake and the knowledge we have from allowing change into our lives by shedding away the old and preparing for the new. It represents joy and victory and love that burns with passion, it is what lifts the heart up and is the balance of the Great Mysteries. It is that of a complete magic and alchemy, magic and lust, magic and strength in woman or man.



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