Special Announcement

I have just returned from my travels and working in Salem, MA at the Fantastic Shoppe Magika on the Pickering Whaft at 63R Wharf Street, Salem, MA.

Everyone one there is amazing, hard working, dedicated to the clients and helping those find the true answers they seek and helping them to understand the greater sense of the Occult and the inner self and spirit we all have. I would like to thank Jacqui Allouise, Vlad, Douglas, Anthony Bruno and of course my “True Mother” Lori Bruno for opening the doors and welcoming me into the Magika on the Pickering Wharf family to work with everyone. A great group of people working with one another. Also many thanks to Richard and Gail I really enjoyed working with you too.

The Festival of Light, Love and Life was a fantastic kick off to many more to come, fantastic music, dance, magic and so much energy and magic we cast on that night letting go of all things negative and celebrating the life and our Ancestors who walked the lands and paths before us to make way for what we have today.

I had a great and fantastic time.

I will be resuming doing my Phone and Face to Face Readings following the 15th of November. I am taking appointments for the end of November and thru the end of the year and into the New Year for those seeking guidance and spiritual counselling.

Many Blessings to All in the Dark and Light
Ariana Afsanay de Ly



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