Rose of Peace Pendant

Rose of Peace Pendant
Designed to Honour those Military who Honour the Ways of Old

Product Description

The Rose of Peace Silver Pendant is a talisman representing Michael the Archangel, whose origins are Chaldean, and is the protector of all Ancient Lands. In modern day Michael protects those who go into battle to defend humanity and bring about Justice. The Rose of Peace is a symbol which honors and represents Pagans in the Military and gives them honor within the ranks of doing Michaels work here on Earth.

When you invoke the magic of Michael the Archangel you will learn what it means to defend the innocent, bring about justice and protect all from enemies known and unknown. Michael is the Light in which blinds all evil, the nature of the right hand and of the Solar energy of all magic.

Crafted from quality sterling silver by the master artisans at Peter Stone.  Designed by Ariana Clausen – Vélez

Purchase the only one, it is a one of a kind design and with only one left once sold it will be out of production.  To purchase the last one, you may either go to and scroll to the bottom and click on the Buy Now button, or send your payment of 157.00 plus $8.00 for shipping, totaling $165.00 to via  It is the last one and once it is sold there will be no more.

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