Let us Remember the Victims of the Boston Marathon

In Memory and in Love of those who lost their lives and limbs in the Bombing in Boston on the 15th of April 2013.

A message from Rev. Darcie M. Clausen de Vélez and Rev. Lori Bruno of Our Lord and Lady of Trinacrian Rose Church and Temple of Diana based out of Salem, MA.

We would like to send out our love and blessings to the families of the three innocents who lost their lives and those who were forever changed by this day; Monday 15 April 2013, Patriots Day’s in Boston, MA

We as human beings first and Priests, Priestesses and Reverends second are held to a higher standard to be there and offer or time and love in times like these, no matter what we may be going through it is nothing compared to the loss of innocent lives from the evil we must battle .  This was an act of terrorism and we must stand as one and cast our magic to aid those who are looking for the person/s who committed this act to be arrested and found immediately.    Justice Will be done!!!

I am asking all Temple of Diana Clergy that you all light your candles and place your prayers out to all the families affected by this terrorist attack.  Many lives are forever changed due to this attack and we must give our prayers out to them all, those who lost their lives as well as those who were injured and lost limbs that are healing from critical and severe injuries.

Let us stand as one and heal this world, seek and pray for peace and harmony and end this era of hate and evil.

Let us always remember the following people for they will truly be missed by all those who knew and loved them.

Krystle-Campbell-001 Krystal Campbell was a 29-year-old woman from Medford, MA who is loved greatly by her family and friends and in this time we would like to send our love and blessings to the family and friends.  In the news by the family Krystal as a happy, charismatic young woman, generous and giving to all and a loved daughter and friend to all who knew her.  This is a tragedy to lose a life at such a young age from such an evil cowards’ act.  May she rest in peace and may she forever shine in the hearts of us all.

boston-martin-richard-010  Martin Richard an eight year old-young boy who lost his life while trying to flee the first bomb with his father, with his mother and sister in critical condition  may we send our love and blessings to the family at this time. 

The Family is asking for privacy while they grieve I am in contact with the Church to find out ways to send condolences to the family for those who would like to send their love and blessings to the family at this time.  May Martin forever shine on this earth and may he always be remembered in all of our hearts.

130417132507-lu-lingzi-story-top  Lu Lingzi a Chinese Citizen and a graduate student attending at BU, also lost his life tragically.  He was from the north-eastern city of Shenyang in China and the family has asked that they be allowed to grieve in peace during this time.

For all of those who are now in the hospital receiving medical attention for their injuries may they find a way to overcome and heal from this and may the medical practice be wise in their medicine in how they heal those victims who lost limbs to find a way to live life again.  We never know how such an act will affect us personally, but we need to let it give us courage and strength, love and compassion for others and to show our support and encouragement to those who are going to need to find inner peace and healing.  May our Altars shine bright with our inner light and the candles we light to bring healing to all in this time!!!

May our Hearts and Prayers Bring Healing to All

Rev. Darcie M. Clausen de Velez ie Ariana Clausen – Velez

I am also including in this message, a message from Lori Bruno, to all the Clergy of Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church and her message is as follows;

To all OLTTR Clergy:

As you know we suffered a terrible tragedy in Boston on Monday which resulted in the loss of life and limb.

Lori has never asked anyone for anything but at this time she is asking that you advance your magical will to aid in locating the terrorists that were responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Lu Lingzi (the student at Northeastern University), Krystal Campbell , and little Martin Richard – only 8 years old.

Justice is the focus for those whose lives were lost, and to the many people who were injured from this act of terrorism.

To seek justice is the humanitarian thing to do.

To quote the sign that little Martin held, “No more hurting people.”



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