Father’s Day Week Sale – Black Walnut Anthology Volume Issues!!!

First off I would like to wish all Father’s out there and Happy Father’s Day have an amazing day with your children, grandchildren and families.

To celebrate this Father’s Day week the Black Walnut Anthology is offering a 20% discount on all volumes from the 16th – 23rd of June, each volume has its own discount code and eStore the codes for each volume will be listed here along with the link to the eStore, each volume has its own special link to purchase your copy from, all proceeds go to the Temple of Diana’s General Fund and assists us in raising funds for Annual Gatherings, Charity, helping those in need, and more.  We are focusing this Fundraising to go towards our 10th Anniversary Celebration for 2014 April.

Here are your discount codes for the individual volumes

BookCoverImageBlack Walnut Anthology Vol III eStore and discount code for all three volumes TXU4HWVH for 20% off thru the 23rd of June.

Black Walnut Anthology Vol. III is an amazing collection of works ranging from Occult Practitioners from around the globe, occult authors and practitioners from Australia, Nederland, the Other Side, Puerto Rico, Spain the United States and other countries.  We are featuring many authors who have written on their chosen paths, North American Voodoo, Theurgist, Gnostic Paganism and the secret teachings of Jesus and Mary, Sicilian Witchcraft, how to transform your-self to find inner and outer healing, medicinal healing-Green Witchcraft and much more.

As collaborated authors this is one of our best issues yet.

Authors featured are Ina Custer van-Bergen, Dr Leo L. Martello, Witchdoctor Utu of the Dragon Ritual Drummers and more

Black Walnut Volume II eStore The Black Walnut Anthology is a book that many authors works in twice a year.  The article focuses are towards the Old Religion, Philosophy, Divination, the Soul of Magic and more.  This volume focuses on the Darker Tidings of the Cycles as we entre the seasons, of the Dark Michael Feasts, the time when we are sought within to find truth it is a powerful time we entre.

Our contributors are mostly that of Traditional Craft and Astrology.

Black Walnut Anthology Volume I eStore The Temple of Diana is proud to introduce its inaugural issue of the Black Walnut. The Black Walnut is the annual anthology of the Temple, its affiliates, and its friends. Published in the Spring of the Year Cycle. Contributing authors include Lori Bruno, Ariana Clausen-Velez, Amaryllis Gierbolini, Gary the Greenman, Oracle, Amunet Rabiah, Annemarie Setti, & Jonathan Sousa.

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