Defraud Not Thyself

While I myself am not of the Catholic or Christian faith, I am of the Old Ways and taught the ways of the Old Craft, by my “True Mother”, Rev. Lori Bruno and under those teachings we are taught to understand all religions and we honour and accept each person for who they are as an individual and for what they believe as an individual.  We are taught and expected to read and own a bible.  There are many ancient oral pagan teachings in the bible as well as many wise words and lessons if one only Read, really read the words and take them to Heart.

With the economy today many are less apt to donate or give to a cause in which helps those who are in need and/or to give to someone who is of value.  This is not the way in which a True Heart should act, for in our acts and deeds it is always returned to us no matter if good or bad.  We forget there are those who are far worse off than ourselves, and in that we step back and do not give to those who are in a great need.  I do not say give if you yourself are to suffer and have none, but those who are able after taking care of their responsibilities first have enough left, be of a True Heart and help those who are in a greater need, this will only benefit you in the end.

In doing some studies today I came across many writings in the Golden Treasury of the Bible; selected and edited by Mortimer Rowe, B.A. with the assistance of Herbert McLachlan and Dorothy Tarrant, from the Old Testament of Ecc; XI –XIV

 Defraud Not Thyself

Riches are not comely for a niggard:  and what should a covetous man do with money?  A covetous man’s eye is not satisfied with his portion, and he is a niggard at his table.  The heart of a man changeth his countenance, whether it be for good for for evil:  and a merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.

My son, according to thy ability to do good to thyself, and give the Lord his due offering.  Remember that death will not be long in coming, and that the covenant of the grave is not shewd unto thee.  Do good unto they friend before thou die:  according to thy ability stretch out thy hand and give to him.  Defraud not thyself of a good day, and let not the portion of a good desire pass thee by.  Shalt thou not leave thy toils unto another?  and thy labours to be divided by lot?  Give, and take , and indulge thy soul:  for there is not seeking of luxury in the grave.

All flesh waxeth old as a garment:  for the covenant from the beginning is, Thou Shalt die the death.  As of the green leaves on a thick tree, some fall, and some grow; so of the generation of flesh and blood, one cometh to an end, and another is born.

Over the years I have had to learn this same lesson, as due to some experiences in my life I came to be of an unsympathetic heart, though through my own examination and healing, I have learned it is okay to give, to give of a free will and Heart this is one lesson in which I place a high value.

When I see someone who is hungry by a place in which food is served when able I buy one more for that person, so he/she may have some food in his/her stomach.  If driving and at a light and we are with extra I open the window and give that extra food to that person, if I am able to donate to a foundation to aid in the success of their works I do, if I can offer my reading services and donate those proceeds to an organisation in which they are helping those in a disaster, I do.  Do this of your own free will and you will be greatly rewarded.

Yet, I do make sure my responsibilities are taken care of, and if I cannot donate of my money, I do so of my time and heart or through aiding someone who is need of assistance, I do so through my workings with the Gods by sending messages up to them on behalf of a person or child who is need of some Divine intervention as according to their beliefs.

This is a true person, a true heart, the Heart is the source of All.



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