Golden Dawn and its Connection to Freemasonry

This Temple [Isis-Urana No.3] was consecrated as a successor to Hermanubis No.2 which had ceased to exist , owing to the decease of all its Chiefs.  The Temple No. 1 of Lichte, Liebe, Leben is a group of continental mystics who have… (Read more)

What is an Astral Initiation Anyway?

 What is an Astral Initiation Anyway? By Ariana Clausen – Vélez When we look at one’s initiation what does it truly mean to you, the individual?  Is it man validating you and giving you a title, a position, credentials to throw… (Read more)

Cross Posting-Esotericism in Early Pennsylvania and excellent article from Ouroboros Press and site dedicated to ancient works and the translating of ancients works by William Kiesel. Enjoy