Golden Dawn and its Connection to Freemasonry

This Temple [Isis-Urana No.3] was consecrated as a successor to Hermanubis No.2 which had ceased to exist , owing to the decease of all its Chiefs. 

The Temple No. 1 of Lichte, Liebe, Leben is a group of continental mystics who have not been in the habit of performing ceremonies in open lodge…

‘Historical Lecture’ of the Golden Dawn[1]


The origins of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the wellspring of almost all modern occult thought and practice, is a matter of some controversy.  The Golden Dawn was founded on the discovery of a manuscript in cipher that, when subsequently deciphered, formed the basis of its ritual.  Where this ritual ultimately originated is a mystery as is the role of an address that was found with the manuscript, an address of a Rosicrucian adept in Germany who was to give permission for the ‘re-establishment’ of an English branch of the Order.



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