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The Birth and Song of Apollo Latona our Goddess was swollen heavy with the seed of Heaven. She crossed the Tigris-Euphrates River in the pangs of labour. As she reached the distant shore, Her water broke, causing the first life-giving… (Read more)

Invocation of the Moon

Hail to you oh, Goddess, the Moon, blessed lady, fortunate, cold and moist, temperate and beautiful. Of all the planets you are the head and key, your movement is smooth, you have shining light, lady of happiness and joy, of… (Read more)


Sophia By Giordano Bruno 1548-1600 “The divine Sophia have I loved and sought from my youth; I have desired her to be my spouse.  Ever have I loved and her beauteous radiant form.  Ever have I prayed that she might be… (Read more)

Sublime Generosity, Rumi

    I was dead, then alive, Weeping then laughing.   The power of love came into me, And I became fierce like a lion, Then tender like the evening star.   He said, “You’re not mad enough. You don’t… (Read more)

A Rant

It saddens me to see that so many people today are showing the fact they are Alturists, an alturist is a person who as Leo Martello describes in his book How to Prevent Psychic Blackmail a person who puts his… (Read more)

The Divine Sophia, by Giordano Bruno

In the book Sophia; Goddess of Wisdom Bride of God, by Caitlin Matthews she shares a lament or prayer in which Giordano Bruno wrote to Sophia. “The Divine Sophia have I loved and sought from my youth; I have desired… (Read more)