It saddens me to see that so many people today are showing the fact they are Alturists, an alturist is a person who as Leo Martello describes in his book How to Prevent Psychic Blackmail a person who puts his own troubles, problems for what is happening to them, responsibilities onto others they do this because they have no Respect for anyone least themselves.  The feel that they do not have to deal with their “Karma” which is a Sanskrit word meaning “action”.  When we speak, when we act, when we as Individuals do anything it is not the responsibility of others to carry that weight, it is our own.  When we do not think of others in this light we show them how little we care for them as their friendship.  To have someone of Value in our lives is to treat them equally and give them what they give to us, value for value there is no room for one person who takes, takes and takes more, and then feels they can put their problems onto another person, that is a Psychic Blackmailer and Leech. 

I saw this the other night on television while watching the VP debate and the VP candidate spoke with a clear mind on how he feels that we Americans and the US are responsible for taking care of the Afgan people, when the VP elect spoke the opposite that it is up to the Afgan people to take care of their own, the later is correct.  When we went over there into Their country, forced our ways, many missionaries go over trying to tell them to convert from their religion to follow that of another, to tell them their traditions and culture need changing that is not our job.  I love the Middle Eastern culture, there is a deep seeded root in their traditions, culture, beliefs and more.  While I do not agree with their treatment of women and how many have basterised their own Quran for those who seek to harm the innocent it does not make them all of evil.  This is an alturists mentality on the part of the VP candidate. 

Another topic I saw the VP candidate mention was that of religion and women rights.  I respect all religions and no one person, or government has the right to tell me what I can and cannot believe, or do with my own body.  If I choose to not have a doctor then I will not, if I want to take birth control it is my right.  Religion and the GOP feels they have the right to tell women what they should and should not do, again this is an Alturists mentality.  No one owns me, I am of a free mind, will and voice as well as a free individual. 

Now, onto the general public and those who think they have a right to take out their problems on the Elderly, Children, Women, and all those who are innocent.  They want to say things about others or speak and say that this is what someone said, well you do not have this right, anyone who does this is a person of NON-Value to me.  When you have no Respect for yourself you will treat others the same, without respect.  To respect another you must first respect yourself for without self love you do not know love at all.  Who has the right to put their problems, guilt, responsibilities on those of others, no one to value a friend is to value a friend as well as those whom you truly care about, to disrespect, spit on them, verbally and emotionally abuse them as well as physically abuse another is that of an Alturist and anyone who is like this is of NON-Value to me.  When you open your mouth and speak saying it is from another, that is Incorrect, it is from your OWN mouth, so it is your OWN words and you, yourself must own up to it there is no other guilt or issue but that of your own.

When we have people of Value in our lives we cherish them, respect them, are happy for them without jealously or envy there is NO room for Ego in a relationship of value.  When we have people in our lives that we value we do for each other as one does for another we place a value on that relationship and that relationship is on equal grounds no one above the other.

When you create your own “Karma”, action, it is yours and yours alone no others.  When you speak it is from your mouth alone not another’s, when you abuse it is your actions not another’s so stop pointing the finger when life and your actions do not suit you, you did it so OWN it.

There is so much envy and jealously today, it is time for Peace and Harmony and for people who are of NON-Value to leave our lives. 

This rant is something that I have needed to get out, I am so sick of those people who cause problems and expect others to clean up the mess, it is time clean up your own mess, so get some toilet paper and wipe your own a   s.



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