Words of Wisdom; A New Thought for you!!!


Words of Wisdome by H.O. Wagner from the reprint of the works by T. H. Burgoyne Initiate of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor Egypt.


Do you believe in Santa Claus?  May be so, but you know Santa Claus is not a person.

Do you believe in God?  Sure.  We all do, but God is not a person.  It is the source of all life.

Do you believe in the Virgin Mary?  May be so, but the Virgin Mary was not a person.  The grand, wonderful Virgin Mary is Mother Nature.  She manifests the will of God by putting the spark of life and intelligence in each one of us.  She is the Mother of all life.

Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ?  May be so, but he was not a person.  The Christ Child is the spark of eternal life and intelligence within each one of us, regardless of race, colour or belief.  The spark of life lives on forever, it never dies.

Do you believe in Heaven?  May be so, but Heaven is not a place to go to.  Heaven is that state of mind within you that makes you feel truly happy and blessed.  Forever work toward this end.  It is your duty.

Do you believe in Hell and Dam-nation?  May be so, but Hell is not a place.  Hell is that state of mind in which we cannot see any release from our misery and suffering.  Do all you can to avoid Hell.  Work out of it by doing real good, living a clean and moral life, live the golden rule do not just preach it, and blame others for your wrongs.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  God will bless you for this and make you happy.  Give this thought to a friend.

Many Blessings to you All



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