Venus in Gemini, a Human Sign — Malefic!

There is a lot going on about Venus in Gemini or as of yesterday in transit with the Sun.  However, what the truth is, is when Venus is in a Mercurial sign she is not in a benefic placement.  On the 6th of April when she entrée Gemini she is in Fall and when she became conjunct with the Sun she was in her own term.  Under this influence the Mercurial energy she is bringing to light those words, thoughts, actions and those truths in which are being hidden from our lives.  Venus rules the throat and Mercury/Hermes/Thoth verbal communication, Hermes is the “Source of the Word” and he “Knows all”.

When here there will be a lot of secrets that have been kept from you, words or actions against you or those you love, false words, actions of vulgarity, debauchery, glutinous, men and women will be committing adultery, and those things that are of ill.  This is the placement of truth from that of the one keeping the secret or committing the crime or action/s against you, it will come by way of their own tongue or those who they have spoken with regarding such things, thoughts, actions and deeds.  Also, be watchful acts of violence are also a tendency during Venus in Gemini especially when she is Retrograded and in her own term.

So, why was everyone in the modern astrology world so happy about such a malefic event?  The Sun when conjunct with Venus and when she is in her own term and Retrograded is combust and of ill nature, yes, it is an amazing view and a magnanimous event to view as well as beautiful to see a planet so close to the Sun you can photograph it, but that is all it is a beautiful image with combustible and ill effects.  Is finding out the truths in which have been hidden from you bad, it is when it happens from those people whom you felt you knew and trusted, but good because you now know the truth and you can erase these people from your lives and move on.

She is retrograded until the 27th of June and will then be at 7° degrees/decan then and at such time she will be again be in Fall, Venus is a feminine sign this causes issues with women and those who hurt us by either their actions or words.  The truth of all things will be heavy during this placement.  When Venus moves out of Gemini she will be in this sign until the 8th of August.



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