Upcoming Jupiter Talisman Election and Casting/26 July 2013

Jupiter Talisman

Note:  With thanks from Christopher Warnock for helping in the calculation of the talisman I am presenting to all for consecration and casting.

Items Needed: 

Clothed in White and Yellow colours

Indigo, White or Orange Candle

Herb; Clove, Mace, Nutmeg, Basil, Betony, Fumitory, Mint, Mastic, Violets, Saffron, Peony and either Olive leaves or Pine Resin, Spikenard and Estorax.  All are easy to obtain.

Indigo or white altar cloth, gold and orange family is good too.


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Jupiter is in exaltation and unaffiliated by Mars, in the hour of Jupiter 04:05 am and day of Jupiter.  This calculation is for San Juan, PR you will need to recalculate for according to your time zone to ensure maximum results from this casting.  The planets do not work according to our sleep cycles we sometimes have to sacrifice for the work and service we do for the gods.

(According to Agrippa; Three Books of Occult Philosophy Chpt XXXIX, pg 383)

Prolongation of Life

Jupiter being in his hour and in exaltation and fortunately ascending, a clear white stone or crystal engrave that of a Man crowned, riding upon an eagle or dragon, having in his right hand a dart, about as it were to strike it into the head of the same eagle or dragon.

Increase in Felicity/Happiness, Riches, Honour and Confers Benevolence and Prosperity and Freedom from Enemies.

You will engrave an image of Jupiter again in either a white stone or crystal and it is of a naked man crowned, having both hands joined together and lifted up, as it were deprecating something, and sitting in a four-footed chair, which is carried by four winged boys.

Glorious life and Advancement in Fortune

A figure of a man having the head of a lion, or a ram, and the eagle’s feet, clothed in saffron-coloured clothes, and he was just called the son of Jupiter.

Engrave on White Stone or Crystal you may also do so on Parchment paper or beeswax pure.

On the back you will engrave the Magic Square of Jupiter and the spirit and intelligence images for Jupiter.  The images are posted; The Seal of the Characters is first then below to the right, your right the Spirit of Jupiter and then to the left, you’re left the Intelligence of Jupiter.  The Magical Square of Jupiter it is a four by four square and you need to put the numbers in beginning with 1 and doing them in numerical order.

Images to carved in the following order on the back.


                             thCAHPLZ0L                                                     thCAMA8CIX

When casting you light the candles and incense and you suffumigate the talisman over the incense to saturate the energy of the herbs into the Talisman while chanting the following Invocation 4 times.  (Source:  Ghayat al-Hakim; Picatrix the Goal of the Wise Volume II; Chapter 7)

Peace be upon you Holy Happy Master, Hot with mild humidity, the Beautiful, the Knowledgeable, the Honest, the Rightful, the Just, the Fair, and Devout, the Wise in religion, the Apathetic, the Powerful, the Great Determiner, the Fixer, the Generous, the Great Booster, the Utilized, the Kind, the Promise Keeper, the Faithful, the Friendly, the Generous in manners.  I ask you Father in the name of all your beautiful and generous manners and our valuable deeds to do to me (state your petition here each time to recite this invocation), you the Core of all the Good and the one that makes all requests successful.

Another Invocation you can Chant (this the more common incantation)  Both are powerful when recited with force and determination.

O RAFAEL the King, the Authorizer of Jupiter, the happy, the complete, the whole, the good,, with the good  taste, the respectable, the smart, the far away from contamination and bad sayings, I call you with all your names, in Arabic MUSHTARY, in Persian BARGEES, in Barbarian HURMUS, in Greek ZAWISH, and in Indian WAHSAFT.  In the name of the Upper Creators and Gods and Blessings.  I ask you to do for me (state your petition here each time you recite this incantation).

Carry this on your person in your purse, wallet or in your home from where you pay your bills from and periodically or every Thursday do the Invocation in the Hour of Jupiter to keep the strength of the Talisman at a good level and he loves his herbs as burnt offerings.

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