Total Solar Eclipse of the 11th of July, 2010

Total Solar Eclipse of the 11th of July, 2010

By Rev. Ariana Darci Clausen – Vélez

17 July 2010

The areas in where this Eclipse was visible where the moon’s shadow swept across the South Pacific, darkening skies over the Cook Islands, Easter Island and parts of southern Chile and Argentina.  This means that these areas will be the most affected by the aftermath of the latest Eclipse.  The total time for this eclipse was two hours and thirty six minutes, however, total visible time was six minutes and one second, the importance being the amount of time the eclipse is in movement determines by either being a Solar or Lunar the time frame in which the effects shall manifest.  The Solar being the number of years the Eclipse is in movement, being that this Eclipse was in total of two hours and thirty six minutes, the affects shall be manifesting up to two and half years before the full impact shall be noticed.

The eclipse is held above the Earth so this will bring about a much more fierce affect than if it were below and being that the Sun and Moon are both in the same sign of Cancer (feminine, moveable & northern) which is ruled by the element of Water and then it sits in the house of Sagittarius (double-bodied sign & fiery) with is ruled by Fire, this will in effect be the nature of the affects in which shall be seen for the next two years.  The Moon Mansion which rules the moon is the ninth, its’ nature is of Saturn and Mars, both are considered Superior planets one and the affects of this mansion are malefic in nature they will bring about misfortune, particularly with regard to health and travel, it denotes divine wrath, severity, disempowerment, infirmity, frustration and misfortunes, now translated this means that there will be many natural disasters affecting these areas with the nature of Water and Fire it will be underwater activities such as volcanoes and tsunamis and possible subterranean earthquakes as well. 

Within the placements of the celestial stars and fixed stars we have both the Sun and Moon in the 9th house with the Sun is hyleg in the 9th house which is ruled by the ninth moon mansion and with its nature being of Saturn and Mars the nature here is combustible.  The fixed stars that directly affect this Solar Eclipse being with the Sun and Moon are Canopus, Sirius, Castor and Pollux, all are malefic in their natures when in this specific placement, though with some benefic affects on religion and the occult sciences, and Sirius being malefic in Astro Meteorology he is extremely malefic in his nature.

What is the 9th house, and what does it represent in astrology?  The ninth house is ruled by the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter.  When we look at the ninth house we look at the types of voyages or long journeys by sea one will or will not make in their life time, the house of religion, clergy, bishops, popes or those inferior ministers.  It is the house that rules psychic abilities through your dreams and visions; it rules foreign countries, books, learning, church living or benefices, advowsons; of the kindred of one’s Wife & sic e contrario.  The colours that represent this house are white and green.  It rules the man’s body it rules the fundament, the hips and thighs.  The ninth house is masculine and cadent. (William Lilly, Christian Astrology, Books 1 & 2, chp 7 pg 55)

Within the predictions of mundane astrology we focus on specific events in which shall happen due to the placements of celestial stars and planets throughout the houses that affect nature, humanity and agriculture.

This Eclipse is going to bring many perilous events into the play from nature Herself, as many occurrences have already been seen as from the last Eclipse of the 26th of June of this year we are finding that because of the Suns’ placement more of the same shall be evident. 

This last eclipse occurred with the Sun in Hyleg (being known as both the giver and taker of life), on the border of the Mid-heaven, so what does this mean?  In this case it can portend life being taken, see more below in what is portended by the fixed stars, celestial stars and Mercury.  Well when working with the effects and predictions of the effects this means that anywhere from four to eight months from now, from the exact hour of this past Solar Eclipse that those predictions shall begin to manifest themselves in the regions in which the Eclipse was most visible, yet affecting those areas closet to where it occurred as well.  Watch for the beginning of said events to being occurring in the second four mouths and they will tend to be hot and fierce in the second Trient (lasting three years).  In the constellation of Gemini and in the Sun Sign of Cancer we have both Mercurial and Lunar energy ruling this eclipse, bringing the negative airy attributes of Gemini (unstable, restless, lacking of concentration, inconsistent and diffused) into to direct conflict with the negative water attributes (cardinal, cold, commanding, destructive and crooked *meaning bent or curved*). 

Cancer being a water sign this will portend many events in which shall occur in the waters at sea, pirates will overtake ships of all kinds and people will be at risk, underwater spouts and earthquakes shall occur, with no direction as with the nature of Gemini Constellation here is where the negative side of Gemini shall be most relevant.  When in Cancer it shall also affect the air and the present season, being after the Summer Solstice and before the Autumn Equinox it will lessen the fruit crops and affect the corn crops as well.  The Winter season shall see much moisture and their shall be many controversies when it comes to controlled Religion, many will walk away from Christianity and Catholicism to follow a more alternative path of Religion, an awakening is upon us and many things are finally being revealed by those in charge of the Church to show their true colours as being false.  Religion is not about man or how man tells you what to believe, the “True Teachings of Jesus” have been so distorted and misused that this is the time when many are starting to wake up and see that Jesus is a way of a belief not the form of a god, the Christ form that resides in everyone, this is where I see a positive change in the world, people are waking up and looking for more in their belief and practices of Religion.  There will be upheaval in the government and within government-run offices as well.  

Being in opposition of Capricorn will surely have ill effects on relationships, men and women, and how women are treated by men in general, this already being seen by the most recent article in the news out of the Vatican, that women who become Priestess are considered to be no better than paedophiles who are in the Church

The following fixed stars are within the sign of Cancer during the eclipse are; Canopus, Sirius and Castor and Pollux.  Canopus portends w/the Sun and Moon signs portends of domestic affliction, troubles with the father or both parents, financial losses, danger of accidents, burns and fevers, unfavourable end to ones’ life.  Castor portends with the Sun, prominence in occult matters, government work in foreign affairs, serious accidents, blows, stabs, shootings, shipwrecks, injuries to the face, blindness, disease, violent fevers, evil disposition, rape or murder, committed or suffered imprisonment, banishment, decapitation.  Castor with the Moon, portends timid behaviour, sensitive, occult interests, and psychic abilities, and the later that the same with the Castor with the Sun.  Pollux portends a wider audience to occult and philosophical interests, stabs, serious accidents, shootings, shipwrecks, higher murder rate or people murdering that have not before, extreme sicknesses and diseases, fevers, ailments affecting the stomach, evil disposition, riches and honour but being ones’ final ruin, blindness, injuries to both head and face, quarrels, rapes committed or suffered, banishment, imprisonment for embezzling, violent deaths, and decapitations.  Pollux w/Moon portends hatred of vulgar persons, ill will towards women, danger from thieves, violent death, power, pride, sickness, calamity, wounds, imprisonment and injuries to the face.  Sirius in Astro-Metrorology portends when in the fair and warm, yet thundering weather. 

Because Mercury rules the tenth house which is closest to the sign of the eclipse, mercurial energy is considered the more dominant and in this it shall bring to pass thieves by way of sea, pirates, it will cause areas to have bad air and breathing shall not be with ease and it denotes dry diseases upon mankind, quotidian fevers, consumption aka tuberculosis, heresy and schemes in religion as well as false witness upon those in high offices.

Herein we too see where great inundations (flooding) may occur with the overflowing of sea beds coming up onto land.  Again, being a Cancer Eclipse it portends rotten and corrupt fruits when gathered, occasioning surfets (excess, super abundance, discuss caused by excess), causing sickness unto those persons who shall eat of them, this being diseased fruits, as well as Sea Fights and long and dangerous navigations in which one is out to sea for long periods of time. 

Now being that the eclipse sits within the second decan and or face of Cancer which is at 19° it procures that the drying up of rivers and fountains shall occur and intends much inconsistency in both men and women causing fickle, capricious, mercurial, unstable and volatile behaviour along with being petulant (this meaning one is marked by capricious ill humour) it also means, irritable, peevish, fretful, fractious, and querulous in nature, or ill offices amongst mortal men, one cunningly thrusting another out of his place (taking what is not yours, from another).

Now, many within the Occult think that doing magic during an Eclipse will benefit nature, when in fact it is the most Dangerous time to do any magical workings as you are one working with the full combusting of two Celestial Stars joining as one which merge and create complete and utter darkness, this is always considered the worst of times to do workings to aid nature and or other workings you have started.  When you think about an eclipse think of this all cultures prior to modern day say the Eclipses as death, destruction, ill omens upon the lands, kings ruling the lands, crops, the survival of humanity and complete and utter chaos.  When you cast during these times it only makes things worse and manifestations more destructive, so Stop and think before you act during an eclipse, yes, the energy is powerful but be wise in your works. 

Within Astrology and those Traditions within the Occult outside of the Neo-Pagans we do NOT utilize ecliptic nature for any purpose magically, no casting of any kind is ever done by those who truly understand and know the dangers of eclipses.







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  1. Ariana

    Thus far since I posted this article, four predicitions have occured, meanness towards the opposite sex, Chile a Mine Colapsed with miners inside, Indonesia had a Volcano Erupt and New Zealand experienced a 7.2 Mag Earthquake.

  2. Ariana

    As well as in my region heavy thunder and lightening storms.

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    As I included in my predictions that pirate attacks would occur at sea, this is the first which occured in Mexican Waters.

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