Total Lunar Eclipse of the 2011 June 15

Total Lunar Eclipse of the 2011 June 15

By Ariana Clausen – Vélez, Reverend and HPs

03 May 2011

What did the Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon say about Eclipses?  Omens from Eclipses;  I have not informed the king, my lord of the account of the eclipse with my own mouth, I have not yet written, so I send to the king.  Of the eclipse, it’s evil up to the very month, day, watch, point of the light where it began and where the Moon pulled and drew off its eclipse—these concern its evil.  {Quoted from No: 268 of The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon in the British Museum, Part Two, by R. Campbell Thompson}.

How does an Eclipse affect ones’ native chart?  An eclipses affect those individuals whose maps of birth have configurations similar to those at the time of an eclipse and who may also be living under a shadow of the eclipse, or if it is visible to them.

Again no effect of an Eclipse can be very good even though falling on the place of a benefic, but the evil effects ascribed to them are very probable.  The lord of an Eclipse being in a human sign, its evil effects will fall upon Mankind.

When looking at an eclipse, you firstly want to look at the geographical area in which it is seen from, this is the region/s in which will be affected mostly by the eclipses and the predictions.  Yet, as unlike in Ancient times there were only so many geographical areas in which they could directly affect, now today, we must look at how it affects one region and from what occurs how it will ultimately affect the nation and world as a whole.

Double body figure or human signs threaten matter to Kings, and all those persons in power.  The Moon is in Sagittarius and this is known as a double figure or a human sign and has the same nature as Gemini in an Eclipse.  When an Eclipse is in a human sign it is extremely significant to mankind.  The greater the defect is, and the stronger the principal ruler or rulers of the Eclipse are, so much more famous and eminent are the effects of the Eclipse.

The Moon is in Fall, so this undoubtedly shows that the Eclipse shall be more intense in it nature and events in which shall arise from this Total Lunar Eclipse.

When we look at the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th of June we are in the Southern Hemisphere and the regions in which will see this are from South America, the Caribbean Sea, all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, Afghanistan, Australia, India and Asia. The time range of this eclipse is nearly six hours in length, beginning at 17:24 being at totality at 19:21, at its maximum at 20:11 and ending at 21:01 with the final exit of the total lunar eclipse ending at 22:59.  The Lunar Eclipse will last for five and a half hours from beginning to end; this showing the effects of this eclipse will begin manifesting itself in 2011 November.

In creating this chart I am calculating my reading from Charlottetown, Canada at the hour of 20:13:37, which is on the Northern East Coast of Square Island off of Labrador Sea.  The Moon is Full on this night and it rises at the hour of 20:14, so it will be just coming up over the horizon.

Total Lunar Eclipse

We begin by looking at the placement of the celestial Moon at the hour in which the eclipse begins and is at its greatest we have the celestial star, the Moon in the first house at 26° Sagittarius 06’ and is with the Ascendant and this location of the Eclipse indicates that the effects of the Eclipse will begin anywhere from one to four months following the Eclipse.  The Moon is Fast and in Fall.  When the Moon is in Fall this intensifies the nature of the Eclipse.

In mundane astrology the First house is of:  The First House:  The first house of a nation’s chart (in the USA’s case, the chart for the Declaration of Independence¹) is the most important. The collective is stronger than the individual and is therefore considered to be fated. National myths, a nation’s self-image, characteristics of the populace, and the evolution of a nation combine to form the archetypes of the national collective unconscious. From this point of view, groups are swept along cyclic tides often foreshadowed by eclipses, lunations and ingresses. The group, bonded to the whole, lacks the self-criticism of the individual. When a nation undergoes psychic infection, then war, dictatorships and dissolution of the “state” in favour of a new identity may occur. Map boundaries shift and change. History is most often written by the conqueror. Not the conquered.

The Seventh House:  International relations with other countries: treaties and alliances, wars, truces, the United Nations and her members, and designated “enemies” are associated with the 7th house. This is also the house of “projection.” What does a nation project upon its enemies? Often times, as in natal astrology, what a nation projects is its disowned neurosis or psychosis.

In this Eclipse we have the Moon which is conjunct with the Head of the Dragon and near the Ascendant which signifies unto the nation, war, famine, plague tumult (turbulent uprising and riots, violent and noisy crowds of people), murders of important persons and those who are of power.  The events shall begin from one to four months following the eclipse and the effects shall remain for five whole and one half months and with the Moon being fast these events shall come without warning and with swiftness.  However, when we look at the time of the Eclipse in which it rises above the horizon following the setting of the Sun, this indicates very small, or but weak effects of an Eclipse.

                Agrippa says this about the Head of the Dragon “They made also the image of the Head of the Dragon of the Moon, namely betwixt an Arial and fiery circle, the likeness of a serpent, with the head of a hawk tied about them, after the manner of the great letter Theta, and they make it with Jupiter with the Head obtained the midst of heaven, which image they affirm to avail much for the success of petitions, and would signify by this image a good and fortunate genius, which they would represent by this image of a serpent”.

Jupiter being alone in the ruling of the Eclipse, Jupiter being the planet that rules Sagittarius shows increase in all things and where man is represents signifies glory, fertility, tranquility, peace, every man thrives and gains in wealth, each man will enjoy good health and a quiet mind, favours and gifts from those of stature and Governments, this positions is the cause of all good things.  There will be a multiplication of all living creatures which are beneficial to man and promises destruction to those creatures who are not and are seen as hurtful to man.  In the air it signifies good temperature, windy, moist and inclining to showers.  It indicates nourishment for all procreated from or feeding off of the fruits of the Earth.  Merchants and the people of the Sea will find the waters and their travels to be safe without the fear of pirates.  Rivers shall show more moderate flooding and plenty for all man shall appear.  There is an increase in Religious and those attending in the Church and in Old Religion, with great honours passed onto them by their Elders.  It also indicates Ministers grow proud and haughty (this is dangerous) in religion.  There will be an increase in laws executed and increases in Upright Judges/Justices are employed in States.   The people will see new customs and privileges allowed them, and all things new in Corporations and Honours and more shall be seen.

We must also look at the decan, or the face of the sign in which the eclipse is in, it is in the third decanate of Sagittarius, and this indicates a plague (this can indicate any type of infection unto man, today) that will follow and great evils will afflict all of mankind, consumptions (tuberculosis) more than ordinary, this is an infection of the lungs, and Jupiter rules the lungs.  The third decanate is of many evils.

The image of the third face of Sagittarius according to Agrippa is; a man like in colour to gold, or an idle man playing with a staff; and the signification of this is in following our own wills, and obstinacy in them, and in activeness for evil things, contentions, and horrible matters.  He is that of the nature of Jupiter and Saturn.

While we see here an increase we too much watch for the matters in which threaten the Kings and those persons in positions of power, as these will occur in the first house with the Moon in Fall, and in the West in the 7th house we will see the change in that of laws, customs, contentions, law-suits, quarrels, wars, the death of aged men, and slaughter and bloodshed through war, which is indicated in the first house, as I so stated in the first paragraph of this section.

Fixed Stars and Astro-Meteorology

Wega is with Saturn and this shows strong passions, opinionated, original, many Mercurial difficulties, reputation suffers through wrongful accusations, trouble with superiors, domestic difficulties, and sudden death/s.  This in Astro-Meteorology shows the weather to be that of moist and cloudy with snow and rain.  This is relevant as this is the nature in the first house and along with the nature of the Moon will reveal more into our reading.

Weather in Jupiter is moderately humid and warm and when in conjunction w/Saturn or a sign in which is ruled by Saturn (Capricorn), he is very watery, this creating lightening, thunder, inundation as Capricorn is in conjunction with a fire sign, the Moon which is in Sagittarius.  Then looking at the tenth house where we have Saturn in Libra it shows the weather patterns to be combustible, infortunate of light (cloudy and dark skies), and with cold winds.

As with the eclipse prior to the 2011 June eclipses, the Winter Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse was also in a Gemini Moon and in the eighth house the house of death and destruction, the house in which is ruled by the Lord of Scorpio, Mars denoting destruction to earth through high winds, high seas and more as we are now seeing today.  This shall continue on for approx 4 to 6 more years.


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  1. Kristin Lee

    My Personal Experiences

    Theses predictions are coming to term in a few certain areas of my life as well as those around me. Over the past few months I personally have been in tune with natural disasters. I have spoke to the writer about these experiences and am convinced that society is heading toward a spiritual revolution.

    It is a shame that the human race will have to suffer a great loss in order to see what is really real. A few days before the lunar eclipse I was working on my studies and felt as though I was being attacked by some urgent energy. My breathing was labored, my lungs felt a burning sensation and I had severe chest pain. I lye on my bed thinking that I was having a panic attack. After a few hours of the wicked attack I felt better. A few days after that I learned that a natural disaster (flash flood) destroyed a town near by my home.

    This past Friday evening a similar intensity of the attack was present, but this time i had to breath in a bag in order to regulate my breathing. That same evening I awoke screaming at a disturbing presence. Today I learn that the writer is undergoing a hurricane. I know am a believe that when I feel this certain level of intensity I am soon to find that a natural disaster is shortly to fallow. So far the time span has been within three days. Also, I sit here today feeling very itchy from hives, and covered in sumac poison. What is even more profound is that my first cousin is undergoing the same symptoms, in fact some of the poison and hives are in the exact same bodily area’s. However, my cousin and I have not seen one another for a few weeks, so there is no way that both of us contracted the same symptoms at the same time.

    This leads me to believe that these predictions are very valid! I would also like to share that I strongly believe those of us that are spiritual and work hard to take care of our physical bodies (exercising, declining meat and staying away from all chemical and alcoholic substances, mediating, and have a positive rapport with the gods ) are more prone to receive visions, messages and spiritual visits from the gods or ancestors. I am experiencing a lot of dream messages and astrophysical travels. I think it is important to indulge in the consumption of water whether it be long baths with kosher salt and herbs, swimming or utilizing water as a preferred quarter element when projecting change or justice. I believe that It is important to stay pure throughout the next couple leading into Winter Solstice.

  2. Ariana

    Saw this today on the internet news of a Venomous Spider swarming a small town in India,

  3. Ariana

    Another article appeared today in the Huffington post on a recent major outbreak of Tuberculosis in California amoung the homeless. The link to the article is

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