Topic of Discussion: Does Magic Always Work?

A topic for discussion for all, in another group I am in there is a discussion on Sometimes Magic Works and Sometimes it doesn’t. What are you thoughts on this?


As a practicing Witch I personally know that magic always works, it is up to the Crafter in doing the work in how fast it will or will not manifest, but to say that magic does not always work is a false statement in my world. When we cast magic we are doing so for a specific intent, to bring about healing, prosperity, protection, justice and more. Yet, we have to do the work on the physical realm to assist it to come to full circle. I have had clients come to me for various issues and when it has not gone there way they felt that the magic did not work, yes, this is true as it did not work the way they wished it , but for me as the one casting it, it worked exactly how I sent it out to manifest.


We may not always know when or how our magic manifests and it is not always for us to know the end results. We believe in our magic it always works, when there is doubt then of course the magic will self neutralize itself instantly, not everyone does believe in magic and that is okay, just because there are those who do not believe does not make it so there are too many accurateness over the centuries to magic cast. Does that make the one casting a fake, no, because when we cast we do so with a mental image of our work and how we are connecting to the Mental energy of the Universe for it to manifest. It may not do so in our time frame, but it always does in the end.


Many Blessings



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