Talisman against Pains in the Kidney

Talisman against Pains in the Kidney

The Book of the Treasure of Alexander, pg 53

This talisman is made to help those with pains in the kidney’s gain healing.  Though as we know the planets align at their own time and talismans of this sort are not made at just any time.  The time is coming in which if one is in need of healing from kidney pains that one should take advantage of this election and create your talisman, be it for someone you know is need of healing and/or for yourself.

In the Treasure of Alexander it states; When Venus is in the sign of the Balance, or in Taurus and the Moon is in conjunction with her or making a favourable aspect, take a red stone or isfid-ruwiyah, in the shape of a kidney, seven mithquals in weight, and engrave on its sides the following figure (see page 53 for the figure).  This being done make a hole in the stone from side to side and place therein a thread of yellow silk and tie it around the arm of the one who suffers from the pain in the kidney.  With this he will be cured, if God wills.

Whilst creating your talisman you would invoke Venus using the invocation from the Picatrix, or the Orphic Hymn.  If you desire to perform an entire ritual in making this talisman, you would use a yellow altar cloth and an incense of healing and one that is favoured by Venus herself which may be found here at http://www.renaissanceastrology.com/orpheushymnsvenus.html.

I will be re-calculating this election, as there were some malefic aspects in which were pointed out to me on my original election calculation.




  1. Ariana Clausen Velez

    I have re-calulated this election for 2 am on the 28th day of Sept.

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