Sun Talisman Election


Talisman of the Sun

4 August 2013

07:00 am

San Juan, PR

Adjust appropriately to your time zone.


Sun is in the rising un-afflicted with the Moon in his day and hour in Term and a +9 in dignity.

You will need to get a cock or you can download and print an image of one or draw one into Beeswax or into a Yellow Candle.  With being properly prepared with shower, and dress in yellows and purples colours of regal and noble Jovian energies.

You will need the following;

Incense; Aloe or if you cannot find aloe sticks you can use saffron, frankincense or amber.

Yellow Candle

Either Image drawn into Beeswax or a Yellow Candle if you are using the image of the cock use the below instructions if you are using the image of the King crowned light the incense and candle at the time of the rising saying the incantation as so below.

At the appropriate hour facing the east where the sun raises from light your incense and with the cock facing into the sun light as it rises.

Another image according to (Francis Barrett; The Magus The Complete System of Occult Philosophy; Bk One & Two) Is a King crowned sitting in a chair, having a raven in his bosom, and under his feet a globe; he is clothed in saffron coloured clothes.

They say this image renders men invincible and honourable, and helps to bring their business to a good end, and to drive away vain dreams.

Say the following invocation as you do this

“O Causer of all Causes that is still in Holy Jerusalem. 

In the Name of the Eternal Gods I ask you to grant me my wish and give me Radiance, Acceptance and the Love of this king or all the kings of the Earth.”

Following with it saying:

“Greetings O Life of the Universe and the Light of the World, answer my call and give me Radiance and Acceptance, O Sun I Call Thee by your Names; in Arabic SHAMS, in Persian MUHR, in Roman IYLYOOS, in Indian AARS and BRAA.  You are the Light and Glory of the World, the middle of all, whom greets the universe and all evil, the fixer and connecter, the highest in levels, the highest in places, I ask you to assist me with this king or all the kings of the earth or support with the state of rank or presidency and make me Radiant and Accepted as you are the Master and King of the Planets.  With you the world lights up and shines, I ask you the Controller of All to have mercy on me and my begging and submissiveness. (Picatrix The Goal of the Wise Vol II)





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