Solar Eclipse; 10 May 2013

Being in the second decante of Taurus it shows many issues with travellers will occur, as well as those women who carry to have issues with births, many women will opt for abortions and unwanted pregnancies will occur there will be a rise in Cercian births over that of natural births and fewer babies born.

Also showing in the second decante of Taurus death will befall upon Queen of  a well-known land, or that of a woman of position.  This also will also bring barrenness to crops and seeds sown, due to this eclipse being of a duration of 6 minutes this will be approx a 6 month event prior to manifestation.

Being a spring eclipse it will affect the air we breathe as well, the forests and nature will be affected and we will see more cutting down of Mother Earth and all her vines, fig trees and those that bud and appearing to bring forth blossom.

With Venus being the ruling planet of the Sun and that of the Moon as this is a New Moon Eclipse it denotes the same energy as Jupiter would bring only with more grace and beauty.  A greater focus on man/men in honours, joy, good marriages, children of good nature and it all goes well in things so desired; She/Venus creates substance and denotes that of chaste and pious human life that of all things holy receive honour and veneration to them.  This focusing on a greater respect for that of the Old Religion in which I feel, yet it will be a battle between that of the Church and the Old Ways.

The air will be of good nature and temperate, with humidity and high winds, the weather will be with much rain and pure in air which will bring fruits and flowering.  Good for those travels by water and for that of navigation, there will be inundations of rivers and lakes and many showers and with creatures and flowers to aid man.


My reading of this is very different from past ones, as I only just took time to sit down and with this it shows good will come from this eclipse along with ill.  In reading this I read it from my location but as with all Eclipses they are typically read from where seen, yet with the way of the globe today, we are all affected by the effects no matter where we live in the world.  As this I am reading it where the Sun is in the sixth house and conjunct/combust to the Moon as well as Mercury and the Tail of the Dragon, while I have spoken of fruitful events there too will be barren events to mankind.  The sixth house is the house of dis-ease; curable and un-curable, the house of medicine and doctors, addiction and more.  The house of trade and politics, and politicians as well as the working class and blue-collar workers.

There is yet another in this month of an Appulse Lunar in which I will take a closer look at as it will directly affect this Solar Eclipse and magnify that of those in which came before it.


Many Blessings

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