Quran Burning Response


This is a man who is not Christ like in any way, when we stand we must honour and respect all religions for if we do not we disrespect our own. In the burning of such a book you are inasmuch saying I am not a Christian, as there are many areas within the Koran that are too within the Christian Bible. We as Witches are Christ like as we not only respect others religions, but we also respect each other for who they as an Individual, for we do not have the right, nor does any person have the right to tell someone what path they must follow, the Heart is Soul and that is what guides us. This Terry Jones person is evil he is NOT a Christ like or Christian man, he is a breeder of evil. The Temple of Diana under the Queen of Heaven Diana Herself always welcomed anyone who entrée, Diana turned no one away, she loved all her children no matter what path they followed or follow.

Rev. Ariana Clausen, HPs

Temple of Diana, Inc.

Rev. Lori Bruno, Elder

HPs Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church & Elder Temple of Diana, Inc.



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