Pluto in Capricorn

Why am I writing about this?  On a blog I follow I came across an article where the writer was comparing this placement to perfection, elitist behavior and of course of those who are without empathy.  This was my response.

When Pluto went into Capricorn back on the 1st of February 2008 this brought about many changes and shifts.  While I do not look at Pluto in the reading of astrology it is not to say he does not have an effect on those things that occur around us.  However, the above is not what I have seen or noticed and not what I predicted would be occurring over the next 26 years leaving Capricorn on the 20th of November 2024.

What I had said would be occurring has happened.  A greater more pronounced level of violence, aggressive and malevolent and many hidden treacheries are suddenly being brought out into the open, digs in ancient sites would again be unearthed, mining and as we see more going on the digging of the earth for more natural resources to benefit the environment, but are they beneficial to the environment?  Many storms, severe weather patterns, earthquakes and those events which are known to occur from under the earth.  What about fracking and the mining of natural gas, keep an eye out for rural areas and how they are affected by this new method of obtaining natural gas.  Those people with hidden agendas would be found out; secret societies would be revealed as well as enemies found out for their true faces.  Pluto in Capricorn is not entitlement or snobbish behaviour it is malicious and hidden intentions being brought into the light, there is a higher level of deaths and many of the elderly are and have passed away.  We will also see many domestic issues, loss of relationships, marriages, friendships and harsh words between loved ones as well as a higher level of adultery between couples.  There is a higher level of anger and aggressive behaviours and people showing absolute disregard for others.  Saturn and Pluto energy is of death and the underworld and all things buried.  It is an extremely hard placement and one that is more associated with that of ill tongue, false friends, hard words and that of others trying to control and tell people what they can and cannot do.  It is an evil placement.  All of this will continue until he moves into Aquarius on the 21st of November 2024, then we have a whole new shift to look at in the heavens, as Aquarius is too ruled by Saturn this is an interesting time for us all.

I am a Traditional Astrologer and do not focuses on Pluto as Saturn is of the same nature and one can find typically the same effects from Saturn as one can from Pluto.  But as we look at this alignment it is important to understand what is going on in the heavens for as it is above it is below, so if all of this is going on, on the Earth it is most certainly going on in space.  Imagine a war up there and how devastating it would be to our celestial neighbours.



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