Picatrix Invocation to Mercury

Peace be upon you Mercury the Master, the Virtuous, the Honest, the Smart, the Articulate, the Understanding, the Debater, knowledgeable with all arts, the cautious, the writer with good manners, knowledgeable with all matters Above and Below, the honourable master, the one with so little happiness, the useful for money, the useful for trade, the cunning, the oath keeper, the intelligent, the helper, the patient, the skilful, the kind, the preventor, the Proprietor of the Revelations to the Prophets, you are the proof of Divinity, believing, intellect, conversation, news, find education, different sciences, intelligence, smartness, literature, philosophy, advanced knowledge, engineering of the divine and terrestrial things, surveying, the Knowledge of Stars, restraining the fortune telling, the rhetorician, able to poetize book writers and the poetry gatherings with eloquence, the fast, gentile and nice talking, after depressions, working fast, the moodiness, the lying the humouring, the enduring, the supporting, being obedient, being patient, being merciful, being compassionate, kindness, quietness, respect, preventing evil, good Allah follower, protecting rights, good low voice, there is not one description that does not fit you of kindness, you bring more happiness to the happy, you bring boys to boys and girls to girls, you bring Light to Day and Darkness to the Night, you blend easily in peoples nature and shapes and in all their moods.

I also call you with your Names in Arabic Utarid, in Persian, Teer, in Roman Haroos, in Greek Hormus, in Indian Beddah.

I ask you in the name of the divine power and the powerful sultanate to answer me and obey me in my request, send power of your spirits to me to make me stronger and guide me and make the asking of all knowledge easy on me so I become as like a king high in value and rank with a special spot beside them heard when needed in all knowledge, in all matters, in all services, movements, philosophies, serving poetry gatherings, in troubles, in managing and providing me with all this grant me plenty of money that is associated with it and the high level, the wealth, the high place by all kings and all creatures.

In the name of Hercules the ruling king of your matters, answer my prayer, hear my call, make my request come true by making me stronger, get me closer to the kings with your handling me, with your supporting of me with wisdom, with your providing with strength and knowledge, with what you taught me of what I did not know, make me see the unseen, keep away all badness from me, the badness that comes from ignorance, the high levels of first rulers, the ones that had wisdom, intelligence, awareness, sighting, understanding, in their hearts make all this in my heart and of your spiritual and honourable power to force that remains inside of me as a light to guide me in all my matters.

Grant me the service of the kings, ministers, sultans and great money benefits regarding that and grant it to me swiftly.

In the name of the Divine Gods and the Powerful Sultanate, answer me and obey me in all I ask you to do.



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