Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 2012 Nov 28

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 2012 Nov 28

29 October 2012

by Ariana Clausen – Vélez

What did the Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon say about Eclipses? Omens from Eclipses; I have not informed the king, my lord of the account of the eclipse with my own mouth, I have not yet written, so I send to the king. Of the eclipse, it’s evil up to the very month, day, watch, point of the light where it began and where the Moon pulled and drew off its eclipse—these concern its’ evil. {Quoted from No: 268 of The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon in the British Museum, Part Two, by R. Campbell Thompson}.

When looking at an eclipse, you firstly want to look at the geographical area in which it is seen from, this is the region/s in which will be affected mostly by the eclipses and the predictions. Yet, as unlike in Ancient times there were only so many geographical areas in which they could directly affect, now today, we must look at how it affects one region and from what occurs how it will ultimately affect the nation and world as a whole.

The effects of the Eclipse are determined by how many hours it is visible in the sky with this one being visible for only four minutes and two point one seconds the effects will be much faster. An example is if we have an eclipse that lasts for five hours then the effects of this eclipse will be following after eighteen months for no less than five years. With it being in minutes the effects will manifest quicker and harsher, within months.

Path of the Eclipse

The central eclipse path begins in Australia’s Garig Ganak Barlu National Park in the Northern Territory about 250 kilometres east of Darwin at 20:35 UT (Figure 5). Traveling southeast, the umbral shadow quickly crosses the Gulf of Carpentaria and reaches the Cape York Peninsula at 20:37 UT.

The first and only populated region in the path lies along the east coast of Queensland. Gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is about 30 kilometres south of the central line. Its residents and visitors will enjoy an early morning total eclipse lasting 2 minutes with the Sun just 14° above the eastern horizon. Observers on the central line can eek out another 5 seconds of totality, but local weather conditions will play a far greater role in choosing a viewing site than a few seconds of totality.

After leaving Australia, the umbral shadow glides over the ocean, undisturbed by further landfall for the remainder of its track. Greatest eclipse occurs in the South Pacific at 22:11:48 UT. At this instant, the axis of the Moon’s shadow passes closest to Earth’s centre. The maximum duration of totality is 4 minutes 2 seconds, the Sun’s altitude is 68°, and the path width is 179 kilometres. Continuing across the vast South Pacific, the umbral shadow’s path ends about 800 kilometres west of Chile at 23:48 UT. (NASA)

The Position of the Eclipse as I have calculated it from Hong Kong, China at the hour of 06:45 ASWT and it sits in the sixth house. The sixth house is of the colour black and unfortunate, as having no aspect to the Ascendant. You ask, how is the colour of the sixth house black when black is associated with Saturn? Well, in Traditional Astrology as well in the Ancient times, black is the colour of the sixth house as the sign of Virgo which is the night side of Mercury. It is the original house of death and Mercury is the only god who has the ability to travel in all realms safely.

Total time of this eclipse is 4 hours 37 minutes and a few seconds, which means that the effects will begin to manifest from three to four months following this eclipse.  This is in correlation with all other Eclipses that have been occurring at least twice a year or more for the past couple of years.   The Lunar eclipses manifest hours into months and the Solar hours into years of effects that will be felt.

The effects of the Sixth House:We have the house of service workers, the employed classes, along with political affiliations such as trade unions (i.e., United Auto Workers), and political parties. The military is associated with the 6th house as is national defence. Civil servants (Linda Tripp!), public health works such as the CDC and National Institutes on Alcoholism, health workers such as nurse practitioners, and volunteers. This eclipse will have an effect on humanity.

When we look at the Ascendant sign for this eclipse it is in Sagittarius which is that of a fiery triplicity nature, that of the East, masculine, hot and dry, that of a double body or what is also known as a human sign. The Ascendant is Combust with the Sun (this means that the ascendant is not distant of the Sun) this intensifies the effects of the Ascendant and the effects it will contribute to the eclipse. Sagittarius when afflicted and in a malefic aspect, or no aspect all with the sixth house is unfortunate. This indicates that we will see afflictions to the body by falls from horses or those creatures in which humans ride, by that of fires, fevers and pestilence, and by the blood. In sports we will see a higher injury rate to our players.

The nature of Venus; What is said about a Venus ruling eclipse is that it is to give renown to men, honour and cheerfulness, plentiful years in the fruits of the earth, or grateful increase of all harmless living creatures, she is delightful for marriages, numerous issues, firm friendships, constant leagues, increase of estates, cleanliness in diet and manner of living, reverence, obedience and conformity to religion, men’s bodies are to be found lusty little need for physic. When Venus is ruling she is also good for the unity a good corresponding between leaders and the people, a good understanding of the laws and those people of the middle and lower classes.

This eclipse is an Appulse Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and sits in the sixth house with the Dragons Tail and they are conjunct, with the Moon being slow in movement. The Dragons’ Tail is within 2° of the Moon and in Retrogradation. What is said about the Head and Tail of the Dragon is “Thus it is said that the Head is a benefic with the benefics and the malefic with the malefics: The Tail is a malefic with the benefics and a benefic with the malefics.

The timing of the events are based on the position of the eclipse, the length of time of the eclipse being that it is in the sixth house it is in the Western quadrant or angle and with it being in the sixth house is called Oriental this means that it rises before the Sun and she far exceeds the Sun in her motion. The Moon is slow in motion and below the horizon. We will be seeing the effects of this Eclipse beginning anywhere from the third or fourth month following the Eclipse and the effects shall prove to be most violent in the third month following. This too being because the Moon is conjunct with the Dragons’ Tail and he is in Retrogradation this will magnify the already malefic nature, typically he would bring out the benefic nature of this eclipse but he is in Retrogradation and within 2° of the Moon when eclipsed. The Dragons’ Tail is said to be cold and dry malefic with benefics and benefic with malefics.

Being that this is a morning Eclipse and of the Moon this intensifies and signifies an increase in its effects to operate and be more vigorous in the manifestations of this eclipse. This is an Autumnal eclipse and in the Western quadrant this shows damages to crops and feeds, and delay with the construction projects and that of buildings, as well as showing again from the eclipse of the 13thNovember 2012, there will be change and mutation of laws, customs, contentions, law-suits, quarrels, wars and martyrs in war and largely the events may extend themselves, death of aged men, and for the most part slaughter and bloodshed.

Diseases ruled by Venus are scabs and wounds, French pox(syphilis), sexually transmitted diseases and those things of suffocations and passions of the Matrix (Fits of the Mother), also PPD at its extreme, deplorable distempers as well as other diseases with similar diagnoses. When looking at the eclipse we will see a continuation of those diseases I have written about in my past predictions of the eclipses going back to 2011 June. We see with this eclipse in Taurus in the third decanate/face, plague among the creeping noxious creatures such as rats, mice, and all such vermin in those areas and countries where corn, grains, feeds, hay and such are stored in barns. This was something in which was one of the biggest causes of the Black Death back in the 14thcentury, rats, rodents, vermin, mice and such creatures would feed off the grain stock that was stored for the winter in the barns. The Jewish never left any of their grains outside during the winter months and cleaned it to prevent such diseases among their people.

Note: See also my other writing at on diseases and the replies. There have already been cases of the plague in the US since my last predictions from the past eclipses.

We will see in the weather, temperate blasts of extreme winds, moist and fortifying, weather patterns will change extremely as they have been for the past couple of years. It is said by Lilly that we will begin to see some more pleasant weather for a fair amount of the year. Yet, with Sagittarius in the Ascendant and combust with the Sun we will see weather patterns that are of the nature of Jupiter intensify.

Note: Review my other writings from the Eclipses from 2011 June and 2012 May they are heavy with dangerous weather patterns at

It is a good time for merchants who travel for gain, safe for travelling, and good for sea-people who make a living off of the sea. Rivers will have flooding, but noting they are said to not be harmful. It is said to be a good time for growing of the earth, great for wine (grape vineyards), oil (olive oil) and figs. It is also said to indicate a peaceful time on earth in the areas where the eclipse is visible.

In watching the eclipse watch for the colours, the colours of the eclipse which would like a ring around the Moon if black or greenish it is of the nature of Saturn which is Venus’ natural enemy and will portends those things of Saturn. If it is white to that of Jupiter and portends those things of Jupiter. If reddish or iron in colour it portends to those things of Mars, when yellow to those things of Venus and of various colours to that of those things of Mercury.


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Note:  Eclipses affect those individuals whose maps of birth have configurations similar to those at the time of an eclipse, and who may also be living under the shadow of the eclipse, or if it is visible to them.  At the Solar Eclipse the solar activity is depleted and low.  At the New Moon if an Eclipse of the Moon the Lunar activity is more depleted than that of the Solar Eclipses is portends which should not be overlooked.  The effect of the Solar Eclipse endures a year for every hour the Sun is eclipsed and a month for every hour the Moon is eclipsed.  An Eclipse of the Sun especially falling on the places of malefics in the radical map tend to renew and increase the original strength of such malefic, whether it relates to trouble, sickness, or death.  No effect of an eclipse can be very good even falling on the place of a benefic (this being either Jupiter or Venus), but the evil effects ascribed to them are probable.  The Lord of an Eclipse being in a human sign its evil effects will fall upon Mankind.

They are more important and serious in their effects if they occur on a birthday, and take part in the Solar revelation.  A male born at the time of a Solar eclipse may not breathe, or expire soon after birth and with a female born at the eclipse of the Moon.  An eclipse of the Sun threatens some male members of the family with sickness, hurt or death, and an Eclipse of the Moon some female member.  An eclipse falling on the Moon in a child’s map denotes hurt to the Mother; falling on the Sun, hurt to the father, on the place of Jupiter, hurt to the uncle; on the place of Mars to a brother; on the place of Venus, a hurt to a sister ; on the place of Mercury a hurt to an aunt.

Further occurrences are in the areas of afflictions and diseases.





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