Partial Solar Eclipse of the 2011 June 1

Partial Solar Eclipse of the 2011 June 1

By Ariana Clausen – Vélez, Reverend and HPs

15 April 2011

What did the Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon say about Eclipses?  Omens from Eclipses;  I have not informed the king, my lord of the account of the eclipse with my own mouth, I have not yet written, so I send to the king.  Of the eclipse, its evil up to the very month, day, watch, point of the light where it began and where the Moon pulled and drew off its eclipse—these concern its evil.  {Quoted from No: 268 of The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon in the British Museum, Part Two, by R. Campbell Thompson}.

When looking at an eclipse, you firstly want to look at the geographical area in which it is seen from, this is the region/s in which will be affected mostly by the eclipses and the predictions.  Yet, as unlike in Ancient times there were only so many geographical areas in which they could directly affect, now today, we must look at how it affects one region and from what occurs how it will ultimately affect the nation and world as a whole.

The areas in where the Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible in the Antarctic region of the Northern Hemisphere, during the hours of 19:25 when the Eclipse begins and ending at the hour of 23:06, for the Partial Solar Eclipse I will be calculating from Nuuk, Greenland which is directly in the centre of where the eclipse will be visible.   The other areas in which will have access to viewing this eclipse are Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Northern Alaska, Northern Canada, North Korea, China, Victoria Island and those areas in which are furthest north.  With the temperatures like they are that far north there will most likely be the Aurora Lights visible at the same time of the Eclipse.

Why does the time matter in an eclipse?  Because, when we look at the Solar Eclipse and the predictions are determined on how long before the effects shall begin and by how long they shall last by the hours to years for the events and effects to last for the solar eclipse, and for the lunar eclipse the hours determine how many months prior that events and the effects will take to begin.  In looking at this we will begin seeing the effects from these eclipses for up to six years and for the second one we won’t see anything begin to happen for about three to five months.  While the events and effects from the Eclipse that occurred at the Winter Solstice in 2010 are now beginning to unfold on the human race.

We begin by looking at the placement of the celestial Sun at the hour in which the eclipse begins and is at its greatest we have the celestial star, the Sun in the eighth house in Gemini with the Dragons Tail in retrograde, this is in a house in which we look at in mundane astrology as the house of: International finance, corporations and transnational corporations are associated with the 8th house. Foreign investments, death, public mortality, assassinations, death duties of officials, death arrangements and national mourning reside in the 8th house. It is possible that the 8th house can bring renewal, regeneration and new resolve to the populace after a time of grieving. The 8th house is opposite the 2nd, and therefore speaks of the “death of things a nation holds dear.”  

The second house which we will look at as well in if and how the nation will survive.  The second house in mundane astrology is House 2 represents society’s survival. Substance must be generated.  Food and materials representative of a growing economy are vital to a nation’s endurance.  Banks, all monetary instruments, wealth, the gross national product and distribution of wealth among the populace are associated with the second house.   Further, what society values, what it holds most dear is found in the second house. Also, the kind of people a society holds in high esteem is associated with the 2nd house.  The collective’s sense of security and of insecurity is often projected upon cultural icons. Generations’ and sub generations’ values clash in house 2.  Hence, we find the national “generation gap.”

 Fixed Stars and Astro-Meteorology, The fixed stars with the Sun, Moon and the Dragons Head are important for many reasons.  The fixed stars within planets or stars themselves can cause effects of either malefic or benefic natures and they are the cause for many Meteorology predictions and used by farmers today.

Looking at the stars for the hour of when the Eclipse will be at its most powerful placement we see five fixed stars are all in Gemini and when looking at this we have many effects in which will be influenced by their placements in the planets and with the celestial star/s the Sun and Moon.

We have Aldebaren with the Sun and Moon; the nature of this fixed star is not only with the stars, but too with what we call Astro-Meteorology.   When looking at this placement we will be seeing person with great energy and perseverance along with high material honours, yet danger of losing such honours, danger from many quarrels and the law, honour and riches ending in disgrace or ruin, liable to disease, fevers, and violent death/s.  This is not only on a personal level, but having this type of fixed star placement in an Eclipse which is a worldwide event this shows of such things happening on a national level.  The reason for this is because the Sun, Moon and the Dragons Head are all in the eighth house at the time of the Eclipse; this is the house of death to things in the nation.  When we see Aldebaren with the second celestial star the Moon again we see danger of calamity, yet favourable for domestic and public religious matters, it again has the nature of violent death/s.

In the rising we have Antares with its own planet Mars, this denotes turbulent, windy and often sultry weather, and when with the rising it shows violence, sickness and benefits that
seldom last.  Then with Mars it denotes, detrimental habits that will powerfully affect the ones or the nations’ life, quarrels with friends and relatives, fairly favourable for gain.  As Aldebaren is with the Moon this portends many losses of life in death by the sword and or hanging/s.

Then looking at Bellatrix with the celestial stars the Sun and the Moon, shows here that we shall expect effects of vacillating, changeable, indecisive in business, mechanical ability, riches and honour but final ruin, blindness by accidents, disease, extreme sickness, fevers and violent death/s.  Then we see lust, vanity, and ambition, waste and ruin, blindness by accident/s, great power, honour and wealth, honour in marital matters as a soldier, surgeons, metal workers, and possible attainment of distinction through courage.

We then look at Betelguese and here again we have some of the exact same effects, yet we see a greater interest in occult matters globally, we shall see acute disease/s, more fevers, honour and preferment but with final ruin.  We see active minds, strong wills, turbulent rebellious under restraint, military success but with suffering through quarrels with authority and superiors, likelihood of great power.  This is a dangerous nature for anyone who is in power within the Military whose only goal to see the destruction of humanity through harming other cultures for their own benefit.

Finally we look at the nature of Capella with the celestial star of the Sun and Moon.  Again with many of the same effects, lose of sight due to accident/s, domestic disharmony, inquisitive, quarrelsome, sarcastic, many journeys and voyages, quick in speech and misunderstandings and criticized martial honour and wealth, vacillating {a moving one way and the other; a wavering}, changeable, being too loquacious {talkative, tending to talk too much; wordy}.

An eclipse of either of the light {Solar or Lunar} in the airy triplicity shows famine, most violent and fierce sicknesses, pestilence diseases, air born diseases and poisoning, stormy
and high winds, very prejudicial to mankind, and the blowing down of trees from their roots and a high amount of homes as well.

This particular Partial Solar Eclipse is one of these eclipses.

When in Gemini and eclipse threatens destruction to flying fouls {passenger/s behaving badly}, unto such especially, which men eat or feed upon, whereby many men come to a
sudden death.  The Sun is in the second face of Gemini and this portends, many being victims of pirates at sea and murdered, many fruitless treaties, many turbulent petitions preferred by the people to their superiors.  Gemini being ruled by Mercury is a violent nature and portends a great many evils upon mankind.  He, Gemini declares in all human affairs celebrities, industry, craft and subtlety in performing what is then upon the stage of the world.  He shows the highways obstructed with thieves and the seas with pirates.  He causes shortness of breath and to fetch ones’ breath is difficult and when he is joined with his Infortunates as he is in this eclipse, he signifies dry diseases, Quotidian Fevers, consumption {tuberculosis}, alterations in ceremonies, heresies and schemes in Religion, detriment in Revenues of Kings and countries, the nobles and gentry of a Kingdom.  He is great in causing controversies in customs, laws and privileges of the people and all of this according to the nature of his planet.

In nature and the nature of Gemini, air himself is dry and swift, and always in motion near unto the Sun.  He produces inordinate high winds, sudden tempests quickly changing, thunder and lightning which too is the nature of Sagittarius with Jupiter as its ruling planet, which is directly opposite of Gemini.  He is known for the opening of the earth, Earthquakes of violent behavior and destruction; in regarding to his properties his are the effects of destruction to plants and living creatures.

We now look at the placement of the celestial star the Sun, he sits in the eighth house {the Lord of this house is Mars and is a house of water}, this showing underwater earthquakes and volcanic activity both under the sea and above the Earth.  This is which as I stated above is the house of death, national and global losses and death/s and more.

The Moon and the Dragons Head are in conjunction to the Sun, this putting the Sun in fall.  When the Sun is in fall, this is a malefic placement and shows that death by assignation/s shall occur, on a global level, businesses will struggle and there shall be many public ruins, disease to humanity as the Sun is in Gemini which is a human sign, plague, poisoning, acute diseases to the lungs {as we have the Dragons Tail directly across from the eighth house in retrograde in Sagittarius} Gemini being the first of the air signs the diseases will occur from air systems or from high winds, just as the case of Japan, which would have been a prediction from the Winter Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse as the Moon was in Gemini and it would have been the sign of airborne poisoning.

As with the eclipse prior to the 2011 June eclipses, the Winter Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse was also in a Gemini Moon and in the eighth house the house of death and destruction, the house in which is ruled by the Lord of Scorpio, Mars denoting destruction to earth through high winds, high seas and more as we are now seeing today.

This shall continue on for approx 4 to 6 more years.


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    Interesting! I always like to look at the fixed stars in relation to these types of events, but few ever really report on them.

  2. afsanaydely

    Light a Candle to Michael the Arch-angel and keep it facing the East and the Entrance. I learned a lot today after watching the movie The Rite, and following taught a few things by Lori Bruno, my “True Mother” from doing some study on some of the symbols and names mentioned in the movie. Things I did not know, and things she has always warned me of.


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