Lunar Eclipse of 26 June, 2010

The Lunar Eclipse of the 26th of June of this year is in Sagittarius but in Fall with the Dragons Head in Capricorn in the fourth house the chart created for this is based in Melbourne, Australia which is below the Tropic of Capricorn, however, the areas in which it shall be visible from are the Americas, the Pacific and Asia along with Australia, New Zealand and the South Pole.

The affects of an Eclipse are seldom benefic in nature, but when the Eclipse is dominated by Capricorn it portends to be most dangerous and being in the fourth house in which is ruled by Cancer make it more forcible in nature with the opposing nature of Capricorn in which is the Lord of the tenth house by nature, the Sun and the Midheaven shall make for violent damages of both land and sea, extremely cold and dangerous winter storms and low lying thick clouds making heavy in fog.  There will be continued flooding and fowl smelling waters from the death of fish, dangers when travelling over the oceans, shipwrecks, and dangerous voyages, tsunamis, in low lying wetlands and areas of swamps and rivers water shall rise and destroy lands and their crops making food scarce, there will also be an infestation of caterpillars, worms and those insects in which eat up crops to destruction. Hail storms will be violent in nature, famine and receiving provisions of water shall be necessary.  We too need to look at the Solar energies are they are in direct opposition of the Moon with the both the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, this portending much damage from the sea onto land, via water spouts that come from out in sea as well as from river areas, this depending on where you live.  Gemini being a Human sign direct affects shall affect man and the human race, with Cancer being of more Cardinal this will bring disaster from the seas and with the Dragon’s Tail in Cancer and Retrograded denotes those events occuring from nature to be ones in which are rear in occurance.

When we look at the nature of Sagittarius which is where the Moon sites at the time of the Eclipse but in the third decan of the sign and with the sign of Capricorn yet in the house in which rules Cancer, we shall see many acts of rashness, risk taking, acting without thinking, gambling and with that shall come depression and the lack of self-esteem and the need to go inside ones’ self. Those in the country regions shall be affected by law suits and by persons of vulgarity whom are scam artists. Those of old age or wishing to pass, shall in this time. Being that this Eclipse is in the fourth house it shall be between 1-4 months following the Eclipse though up until 18 months following the Eclipse.

Now, do understand when an Eclipse occurs it is typically only the areas in which are visible to the Eclipse that the underlying affects shall be most dominant within, however, as the world is united and where one thing happens in one place is does affect the balance and harmony of the Earth herself. The Mother and Father are pissed off and they are taking it out on those who are Refusing to Listen to Them. I too portend that we shall begin to see many volcanic eruptions as well, as Venus is in Leo and Mars is in Virgo in the 12th house which is ruled by the sign of Pisces and the planet Jupiter on the Night side, which can portend here many under water volcanoes which in turn shall activate those volcanoes above the ocean floor.



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