Life is about experiences, but it is what we learn from our experiences that is of true value, life is not about this insanity we have made it about. It is time to put aside EGO, the Vanity, the Blasphemy against each other and realise we are all in reality ONE, one people, on one earth, connected to each other, and that “God” a the label we give to the higher unknown force that we like to explain everything with is just that, all knowing, all seeing, everywhere, expanding and creating all life and nature.

“Faith without work is Dead”. This is very true. To merely believe in something without experience, without doing the work needed to accomplish the goal is ignorance at its best. Remember…IGNORANCE IS A CHOICE.

Religion is a powerful thing and we all are from the ONE and follow our own paths, and each one of us gain something from that in which we draw from within our heart, we do not need force our beliefs onto another to be of them, we just need to stop with EGO and respect and accept one another for who we are and what is from within the HEART and nothing more.

Love is the most powerful magic of all.

The top two quotes are from a book I am reading and it hit me to share today called Initiation of the Soul Esoteric and Occult Philosophy, Consciousness.



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