Khnum and the Scarab both of the Creator God of Egypt

Khnum; Khnum was an Ancient god of the first cataract (waterfall) of the Nile, where on the island of Elephantine, the river was said to emerge from the subterranean ocean of Nun. Khnum was in some traditions the maker of earth, water and the underworld. He created both god and men; he fashioned men from clay on a potter’s wheel and every child born is formed by his hands.

Scarab; The Scarab symbolised the Sun god. At dawn the sun was likened to the scarab rolling the sun before him just as a scarab beetle rolls a ball of dung. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the ball pushed by the scarab beetle contained an egg Therefore the beetle was renewed of its own substance. The scarab became identified with Atum the creator god of Heliopolis.



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