Just Saying Hello to All

I want to thank everyone who follows Ariana Silver, I so appreciate each and everyone of you. In these amazing days we are the product of our own creation, mental, emotionally and in all we manifest.

Magic is always around me, there are days the energies flow with ease and others when it flows in its own directions. Do you follow the flow and allow it to take you where it is going?, or do you try to go against the current and shift the direction? If you try to force your own direction it will only become more difficult to find your path. The energies and the directions in which we endure each day is a gift from the Gods and to accept what they are doing each day in our lives, we accept and will find the path in which we are to be on in our life.

I have gone through so many amazing journeys in my life, some extremely difficult, some easy, some with challenges, and others I when I didn’t think they would end. But the one thing I have learned through out all of them, is this. I am who I am today because of these experiences and journeys without them I would not be an amazing lady who loves myself and loves others for who they are, I do my best each day to keep judgment out of my path and understand that we each are normal in our own way and that is okay. For each person and their life and way of thinking it is what is normal for them.

Accept others for who they are, you do not have to like them or have them in your life, but they do not affect your life, you do.

I am amazing inside and out and I know this each day I wake up.

Blessings in the Dark and Light
Ariana Silver



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