How I know Traditional Astrology Works!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a fascination with the stars and the planets in the space beyond.  I always knew there was something greater in the heavens beyond this earth.  Though it was not until my late 20’s that I was able to sit still long enough to try to make sense of this fascination and start finding the answers I was seeking out.   When I was able to sit down and read I of course began with just astrology and when much of what I read made sense, however, it came across as more psychological and karmic in nature as to the path of ones’ life journey.  Being the only information that was easily available I studied and learned more of astrology.

As the years went by I would pick up the books and put them down again.  Then as I approached my mid 30’s I began to truly understand the houses and how to read a chart finally, for years I studied and I could never make sense of the house and how the applied to ones’ journey in life as defined by the stars, but I knew this was my next journey.  However, in my journey I came upon a website called Renaissance Astrology and it caught my attention and I began reading the articles, and found that I was unsure about the path of astrology I was to take, it took me a few years and many readings later to finally understand that there was something different between astrology and traditional astrology.  My clients whom I did readings for were never satisfied with what I had read, as it made no sense to them, this happened a lot.  This is when I began my journey yet again, this time from scratch, now I am going to learn Traditional Astrology.  It is not like astrology, so  you must retrain your brain and way of reading the planets, houses, radix, detriments and so on in traditional astrology, for they are all significant depending on the type of reading you are doing for a client.

In this journey I found that all it made sense, I could describe a person’s physical features from not only their Sun sign but planets in which ruled in the first house, hair colour, facial features, eye colour, height, type of body and more.  While I have yet to take any of the classes officially from the founder of the website, I have learned a great deal and use it in my daily life along with my magic as a practicing Witch/Crafter of the Old Religion.  I have had great success in readings though with some instances where specific readings energies of ones’ Annual Reading would not make sense to an individual but it did to their geographic region for warnings of dangers.

Why do I write this?

I read with Traditional Astrology now and have for years and I have received many comments here and there to the accuracy of the readings when done Traditionally.  I recently had/have a case of a woman in which dealt with the black arts, fascination, and the mallochio (the evil eye), in calculating her chart and her annual chart there were definite signs of hexing and curses against her to manipulate for the others advantage.  When reading her native chart and her annual it showed in the native that this would occur in her life and that because Jupiter she would overcome but not without outside help.  I will not go into great detail on this, but recently after receiving a pdf of a Renaissance Era paper in which discusses a case of possession and the planets placement for any form of fascination it was so similar in the reading of my clients chart it shows how accurate the planets in houses are in Traditional Astrology.  We would look at the same chart using just astrology it would translate very differently.  Let us use Saturn for an example.  Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th house, the house of ills, evils, prison, black arts of the craft, fascination, and all things malefic would portend a person who would become possessed, fascinated, afflicted with the mallochio (the evil eye).  This would be malefic for a person who is always afraid of what lurks beneath the surface level of the consciousness.  They should relax their controls over themselves; they fear that they might be engulfed by overwhelming emotions.  Now, this would work if you were a patient seeing a Psychiatrist and the Psychiatrist was using astrology to help a patient understand past life, karmic and emotions in which are needed to be faced to heal.

The reading of the stars is the oldest form of divination  and it is the most complex of all forms of divination, is it based on the planets only or the nature of them and the Gods and Goddesses that rule them, it is both for without one there is not another.  As there are different systems and they all date back to the origin of man the Sumerians, Babylonians, and the Egyptians who read the stars as according to where the constellations were at the exact time of the Sun’s position known as sidereal astrology the exact location of the planets at the ecliptic.

There is so much more to traditional astrology than what I write here, it would take up a book to show all that one can find when working with traditional astrology.

I find I am always seeking to find answers as it is Written in the Stars, we are who the Gods make us to be and through our own Will, will we only do what they expect of us in our human form on this earth, the True Underworld, for in life is death and in death is life.



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