Home Remedies for the Cold and Flu Season

In this season we again are up against those nasty colds and flus.  Every year I make homemade remedies as needed when either myself or my husband get a wee bug.  This year, I got it from inhaling toxic fumes from cleaning and dust from home repairs, this is typical for me when around toxic cleaning chemicals.  Over the years I have come up with my own herbal blends for teas, cleansing and ointments.  This year I am going to share some of those remedies with all of you.

Easy to make and with what you already should have in your cupboard. 

Herbal Teas, Salves and Vaporiser Blends

Loose dried herbs are the best, if you happen to have fresh dried herbs they work wonderful just bruise them to allow the oils to be extracted in the hot water you boil for a cup of tea.  Many people ask me tea?  You are American, American’s do not drink tea.  Well for one thing, yes, they do and for the second my ancestors are heavily from the UK in England and Ireland as well as other Northern European countries where tea is a favoured drink.  I love my tea.

Ingredients are easy to blend all you need is a tea ball, muslin bag, or a tea strainer holder.  Blend your herbs and place them in the ball.

Ingredients for today’s blend are as follows;  Thyme, Peppercorns, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Anise Seed or Star of Anise, blend them and place in ball and steep for approx. 20 minutes for medicinal purposes.  Other ingredients are Star of Anise, honey and lime or lemon, then you can have ginger root cut up and placed in a big pot fill with water boil for approx. 20 then allow to infuse for 2 hours.  Remove the root and add honey and milk, ginger warms the body and allows for sweating.  Again we have Hawthorne, Elder Flowers/Berries which are wonderful for colds and flus as they warm the body and allow for sweating as well.  Eucalyptus is another great herb for teas in this season.

Salves are very easy to make for your loved ones, just take Vaseline and add your oils of choice for this season, I use Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree (great for bacteria), and use 10 drops per tablespoon of Vaseline.  You will need a double boiler or something you can make into one place the Vaseline in the pot atop of the and add your oils, allow the Vaseline to melt down while stirring in the oils, once liquefied turn heat off and transfer to a tin for cooling.  Cool to room temp or place in the refrigerator and use as needed on the chest, back and feet keeping all areas covered to keep in the body heat.

Other things you can do is mix all these oils into a vaporiser and set in the room to clear the air, stop the bacteria from spreading and to help for easier breathing while resting in bed.

Take your vitamins D3, C 1000 +2, A and B-12 along with Zinc all help the body recover quickly.

Drink lots of water, tea and juice, eat chicken soup, lamb, and lentil soups for a speedy recovery.

Many Blessings to you All in this Cold and Flu Season




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