Filippo “Giordano” Bruno

Filippo “Giordano” Bruno


As told by his living ancestor Lori Bruno, a member of the Old Religion of the Sicilian line of Strega. Giordano Bruno was born in 1548, in Nola, Italy and at the age of fifteen he entrée the Dominican Order and later left in his twenties, being Bruno did not want to hide under the cloak of Roman Catholicism, which in those days was common for those who practiced the Old Religion to hide in plain site during the times of persecution and the Inquisition.

As according to oral traditions it was common for the families who practiced the Old Religion to send their children off to become Priests and Nuns of Roman Catholicism, these reasons were for protection of the families and their children. Whenever, impending danger from the Inquisition those family members were able to warn their family if they were being targeted, insofar, to give them time to go underground where it was safe. Giordano was a very head strong man and truth was very important to him, it was his nature and therefore would not compromise himself to the ways of the Holy Sea. Giordano’s beliefs in the Egyptian Pantheon and that of the theories of Copernicus in which taught that the Earth revolved around the Sun and not the Sun the Earth, as well as his belief, in multi Universes in which were inhabited as Earth is caused him many problems with the Holy Sea, though today we know Giordano Bruno was correct in his theories.

When travelling throughout Europe Giordano was well received by not only Elizabeth I but her favourite poet, Sir Philip Sydney. Giordano lectured throughout Europe as well as, at Oxford University where while speaking on the theories of Copernicus he incurred the displeasure of a few eminent Doctors of Letters. At this point he decided it was time to leave England and to continue his travels, throughout Europe, however, not without becoming homesick for his native land and so returned. However, prior to that he travelled to places like France and Germany and while in Germany he was well received by those of the scholastics and the occult sciences.

When in Venice, Italy he became the tutor of Giovanni {Zuan} Mocenigo, who was a man of wealth and provided for Bruno while he was his tutor, Giovanni wanted to learn how to retain information better and Giordano taught him the technique of the Art of Memory, thus teaching him how to improve his memory. As time went on Giovanni came to ask Giordano to teach him the hidden mysteries of the occult sciences and magic, Giordano declined; saying he knew nothing of magic. Giordano suspected at this point he was being spied on by the Venetian Inquisition. When Giovanni was refused he became angered with Giordano and then turned Bruno over to the Venetian Inquisition, which he was later found guilty of heresy and a few months later was then turned over to the Inquisition of the Holy Sea.

When in Rome, Giordano was then put into the dungeons of Castel Sant. Angelo in which Michael the Arch Angel stands atop the tower and later in 1877 a book was written about Castle St. Angelo and the Evil Eye. Bruno was imprisoned there were from the years of 1592-1600, eight years, eight being the number sacred to Hecate/Hekate and Justice. Brought before the Roman Inquisition Court, Pope Clemet VII condemned Giordano Bruno to be burned alive on the site of Campo di Fiore [the place of flowers], many witnessed his death on the morning of 17 February, 1600. Giordano was stripped naked, with his tongue nailed to the post, so he could not speak out during his vicious murder. However, upon being sentenced he spoke these words to the Pope, “You fear handing this sentence down to me, far more than I fear accepting it”, and then to following he stated the following “Magic of Ancient Egypt was not only the oldest but the Only True Religion of Mankind” and another quote he states “To Know How to Die in One Century is to Live for All Centuries to Come”. On the 9th of June, 1899 a statue of Giordano Bruno was erected on the spot in which he was murdered at Campo di Fiore and to this day thousands visit him and place flowers in honour and veneration to him and who he was a person, human and man. They seek help from him from the other side in healing, protection, prosperity, fertility and much more and he helps them all. Giordano Bruno was a man who did NOT believe in forcing anyone’s free will, but instead he taught people to stand up for what you believe in and to never allow another person, religion, cult or society to take away another’s Free Will. We are individuals and we all have our own minds, and voices and inasmuch, we should recognize this within ourselves and practice this in our lives.

This excerpt is taken from the Encyclopeadia of Wicca and Witchcraft, by Raven Grimassi, however, with editing and addition from me, Ariana Clausen – Vélez.

To read more on his trial you can purchase “The Secret Archives of the Vatican”, the transcript of Phillipo “Giordano” Bruno can be found on pages 193-199.,

Cantus Circaeus:Incantations of CirceGiordano Bruno, First English TranslationThere can be no doubt as to the importance Giordano Bruno’s life and writings had on the western esoteric tradition and the history of scientific thought. With this in mind, Ouroboros Press is pleased to be issuing the first English translation of Giordano Bruno’s Cantus Circaeus, rendered from the original Latin by Darius Klein. Originally printed in Paris 1582, the eloquence of Klein’s English translation is fitting for the words of the Nolan.“To one who is about to behold the Daughter of the Sun, she who is learned in magical lore, and who comes forth from the hidden places; you shall go as a free man into the House of Circe, not bound by the fetters of Night.”From Giordano Bruno: Cantus Circaeus.

Words spoken by Giordano prior to his murder in 1600 Feb 17

“To Know How to Die in One Century is to Live for All Centuries to Come”

“Magic of Ancient Egypt was not only the oldest but the Only True Religion of Mankind”



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