Cross Posting – Pagan Organisations Responding to Good News & Bad News,  Every single Pagan organization that aspires to serve its chosen community, whether that community is local, regional, national, or even international, needs someone who will interact with the press (and social media). If you don’t, or if it’s seen as an odious task that’s always last on the list, or it takes months to craft a statement, you become as good as mute to the very people you wish to serve. Your organization defaults to letting other people shape the discourse on issues that your community may have strong opinions about.  If you look at any well-organized religious organization, like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, one thing that becomes obviously very quickly is that they are constantly framing discussions that concern them for their audience.



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  1. Ariana

    The name he thinks he should have is not for one who is a Pedophile or a Child Killer, sorry he does not deserve to be recognised in society as a human, let alone one who honours the Gods, the Gods do NOT accept such evil actions, towards anyone and Children are sacred gifts and the innocent, we protect them and he does not care for anything but to harm them. Let him rot in Nemesis’s sewers and smell like the rotten fesus and grossest of the First Matter that he is, he is no healer and certainly he is not an Egyptian Pharoah.

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