Camomile Magical and Medicinal

Camomile Magical and Medicinal

By Ariana Clausen – Vélez

Camomile from many cultures is one of the oldest flowers used both medicinally and magickally. Within the Cherokee it was associated with three different elements that of Air and East, Fire and South, and North and Earth all used in similar forms, but yet varied in the uses as well. It was to the Cherokee a cure all herbal flowers and is still used widely today, as it is one of the easiest to grow and find.

Camomile is more commonly used in tea form; however, it is also used in essential oil form, tincture form, infusion and all the other forms that are used with most herbs today. It is widely used for a soothing relaxing stimulant to aid in relieving one from anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. Other uses for Camomile are that of skin inflammations [such as bug bites], it is used as an antispasmodic, and when mixed with Yellowroot is a good remedy for menstrual discomforts. If mixed with Arnica Flower it aids in healing the irritations on the skin by making a poultice and placing on the affected areas. Also used by the Cherokee, Camomile was used in eye irritations, migraines, and throat discomforts. And the oils were used in treating allergies. It too can be used as a mouth rinse for inflammations.

According to the Cherokee its association is to that of three elements, however, in other traditions it is only used with one element, the Sun and Leo and within the Britain Traditional Witch the element of Water, and on the Station Wheel of Midsummer.

Camomile is known as the earth apple, because the scent resembles that of apples. It is also known to be the healer of other plants and it repels insects and bees, as they do not like the aroma of camomile, so this would be a great flower to have in any garden to keep your plants happy and alive.

Magickal Uses

Magickal uses were for protection from evil spirits, healing and regeneration, as it is a solar plant and gets its power from the sun.

Quoted from Herb Craft, by Anna Franklin.

“The perfume of camomile is said to resemble the apple. The apple was the major sun plant totem for the ancients and this small ‘earth apple’ also radiates sun energy. For this reason it was planted on graves as a symbol that the deceased would be reborn, as the sun is reborn each morning.

An infusion of camomile may be taken to connect with these energies, to heal and regenerate the spirit within.

The infusion may also be used in the ritual bath, and dried camomile flowers used in incenses to connect with the sun to invoke the Sun Gods. Include in herbal amulets to boost their power.

Camomile is one of the sacred herbs of midsummer and may be thrown onto the festival fire, used in incenses and garlands or added to the ritual cup.

The dried flowers may be used in an incense to induce relaxation or sleep or to stuff sleep pillows.

Camomile is also a protection plant; the oil may be used to form a magickal barrier around doors and windows to prevent negativity entering. Plant in the garden as a guardian herb.”


Camomile Tea

2tsp dried herb

1 cup boiling water

Pour boiling water over allow to infuse for 5-10 minutes. For digestive problems drink after meals. Make a stronger infusion for mouth wash.

Infused Camomile Oil

½ oz fresh flowers

½ pt olive oil

Place in a glass jar and leave on a sunny windowsill for four days. Strain and use for massage, bathing etc…



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