Bee Rose Cross Pendant

Bee Rose Cross Pendant

Designed by Ariana with permission from Lori Bruno to include her Cross design.

The Bee Rose Cross Pendant’s designer Ariana Clausen – Vélez and produced by the Peter Stone Jewellery, Co, USA.   When you buy your piece it is consecrated and blessed prior to shipment. If you would not like it blessed or consecrated please put that in the Notes when purchasing your piece.

I am selling each one for $216.00 this includes the shipping fee for Flat Rate Small.  This is a one of a kind design and once sold they will be gone.

They are pure .999 silver and measure to 56mm in width and height and the bail measures 7.5mm. Wash in luck warm and soapy water using Wright’s Silver Cream to clean the silver, it is kosher grade and will not damage the enamelling or the 18kt vermeil plating.

If you would like to order directly from me, just send $216.00 to via and once I receive the shipment in I will get them out to those persons who have ordered them.

They are powerful in magic and carry powerful symbols.

The image is Service Marked and a Copyright/All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce this image unless you are an authorized seller of this piece.

Many Blessings to All




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