Astro Weather for the week ending 30th August

There are both Mars and Mercury in which are in good positions for Astrological Talismans at this time.  Saturn is in trip and peregrine in motion placing him farthest from the earth making his true nature of destruction by fires, earthquakes, chaos, aggressive tendencies, and pinning one against another.

In October of this year we will have two eclipses, I did not write anything on this years eclipses to date, but I will be working on the October ones for sure and posting them here for all of you to enjoy.

We will be having a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 8th of October will be in an Aries Moon which is Mars ruled, and in my location at the time of the eclipses greatest point in the 8th house opposing the Sun in Libra.  On the 23 of October the Eclipse will be a Partial Solar Eclipse with the Sun and Moon combusta in Scorpio again Mars ruled in the night side of his nature and with Venus also conjunct and close to combusta, as well as also being in the 8th house from my location.

Eclipses never portend good new, so with this nature again as the past ones this year and if I recall correctly last year this will bring very war like energy and in Mundane Astrology the 8th house is the house of International finance, corporations and transnational corporations are associated within the 8th house. Foreign investments, death, public mortality, assassinations, death duties of officials, death arrangements and national mourning reside in the 8th house. It is possible that the 8th house can bring renewal, regeneration and new resolve to the populace after a time of grieving. The 8th house is opposite the 2nd, and therefore speaks of the “death of things a nation holds dear.”

I will touch on this more, in some of my past predictions I have spoken on this many times and in the timing of when most would occur.  With this placement inside of the eclipse again it will only intensify my earlier predictions.


Many Blessings in the Dark and Light

Rev. High Priestess Ariana Afsanay de Ly





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