Annual Solar Eclipse 2012 May 20

Annual Solar Eclipse 2012 May 20

What did the Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon say about Eclipses?  Omens from Eclipses;  I have not informed the king, my lord of the account of the eclipse with my mouth, I have not yet written, so I send to the king.  Of the eclipse, its evil up to the very month, day, watch, point of the light where it began and where the Moon pulled and drew off its eclipse—these concern its evil.  {Quoted from No: 268 of The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon in the British Museum, Part Two, by R. Campbell Thompson}.

When looking at an eclipse, you first want to look at the geographical area where it visible from, this is the region/s in which when located in a specific region are the most by the eclipses and the predictions.  Yet, as unlike in Ancient times there were only so many geographical areas in which they could directly affect, now today, we must look at how it affects one region and from what occurs how it will ultimately affect the nation and world.

Coming up this month on 2012 May 20 we will be having an Annual Solar Eclipse it will be visible from the NW part of the US over to Japan and both North and South Korea with it peaking at its maximum energy in the middle of the Bering Sea. It will be on a New Moon, Moon and Sun in Gemini, Gemini is the sign of humanity and this will bring many things to pass, I have not yet looked at all the calculations for this eclipse but it will affect humanity.

We begin by looking at the placement of the celestial Sun at the hour in which the eclipse begins and is at its greatest we have the celestial star, the Sun in the eighth house in Gemini with the Dragons Tail in retrograde, this is in a house in which we look at in mundane astrology as the house of: International finance, corporations and transnational corporations are associated with the 8th house. Foreign investments, death, public mortality, assassinations, death duties of officials, death arrangements and national mourning reside in the 8th house. It is possible that the 8th house can bring renewal, regeneration and new resolve to the populace after a time of grieving. The 8th house is opposite the 2nd, and therefore speaks of the “death of things a nation holds dear.”  

The second house which we will look at as well in if and how the nation will survive.  The second house in mundane astrology is House 2 represents society’s survival. Substance must be generated.  Food and materials representative of a growing economy are vital to a nation’s endurance.  Banks, all monetary instruments, wealth, the gross national product and distribution of wealth among the populace are associated with the second house.   Further, what society values, what it holds most dear is found in the second house. Also, the kind of people a society holds in high esteem is associated with the 2nd house.  The collective’s sense of security and of insecurity is often projected upon cultural icons. Generations’ and sub generations’ values clash in house 2.  Hence, we find the national “generation gap.”

The Sun at the time of the Eclipse as calculated to the NW will be in the 8th house at the beginning hour of 01:24 and ending at 01:28 with it at its maximum power at 01:26. The eighth house is associated to death and renewal, those things that are International finances, corporations and transnational corporations. This house is associated with foreign investments, death, public mortality, making arrangements for those who pass and all things that are in need of regeneration and a new resolve in a time of hardship and grieving. With this Eclipse it will affect the nation and all countries in this manner. As depending on where the calculations are derived from this eclipse is between 4 minutes and some seconds to 5 minutes and some seconds and it being on the angle of the west shall begin to show its effects in the third and fourth month according to Ptolemy and shall be most devastating in the third.

There will be a changing of laws, and those of old age shall pass, and a higher crime rate.

Because it is an air sign it will cause high waves in the Ocean, theft by sea, air borne toxins to cause issues with breathing, dry diseases, coughing, fevers, consumption, those who seek to misrepresent who they are in the Church and their evils brought into the light. High winds, and weather to change rapidly with no warning, thunder and lightning storms, earthquakes. Also a loss of plant and creature life that is beneficial to the human race.  Being in the first face of Gemini you will see stirring up of differences, strife’s, seductions among those who of the Priesthood and all manners of merchants and Secret Orders. You will see more contempt of laws and hatred toward others along with neglect of those things in which are required Clergy duties.  There will be more in the stories in the media about crimes revealed from within the Church.  Saturn is conjunct to Spica and this will bring showers and thunder in the weather.  In the first ten degrees of Gemini this threatens incursions and rapine of enemies; fraudulent negotiations, many treatises, violent petitions, many mischievous and employment for those who are writers, secretaries, and those who  communicate on behalf of others.  The nature of Gemini in this position is somewhat moist and temperate in heat by reason of some Saturnine and Jovial stars in Perseus.

This eclipse has the same planet and star placement as the Total Solar Eclipse from 2011 June 1, so I am including a link to that in this for reference.  Though this eclipse is shorter in time, it will have the same effects or expand on those effects as the one in 2011 June, read under Eclipses at

To see what time it will be visible via NASA view this link


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